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Hmmmmmmmm John (Gusbuster) had some pics where he was laying down "gopher barrier". I've never seen that done in my neck of the woods. Is it what is sounds like? Do you just lay it down under the sod?? Does it work?? Thanks for the info guys, just like to stay educated on how other people do different things in our biz.

Thanks for the help!

I've been doing this barrier thing for a while. It is quite effective in preventing the gophers from punching thru the lawn.
Things that you need to keep in mind to tell the clients.
The gopher, moles ect. will penetrate from the sides of the sidewalk, any holes that you cut for sprinkler heads and if you don't overlap seem by at least 1/4":eek:. At least they will not be tearing up the whole lawn.

I've been using 1/2" aviary wire instead of 3/4” chicken wire as other people do. I've been getting better control with the aviary wire.

Yes, it's more expensive, but I feel the expense is well worth it. If you get penetration, it's going to be in a controlled area. (Sprinkler heads, sidewalks,) I can't say how this system works with seeding, as the area i work in is too steep to fool around with seed. Also you would have to use to many jupe stakes to keep in place.

Anybody who works with animals knows this, if it wants to do something, it’s sure going to try.