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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Team Gopher, Oct 29, 2004.

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    Here is our Gopher Graphics CD display that you place at your local mower shop or anywhere else LCO's buy supplies. The cd is full of logos, flyers, postcards, door hangers and web templates. A trial version of Gopher Billing and Scheduling software is also included.

    We set a retail price of $19.99 for the cd.

    Here is the cost break down.
    Wholesale cost per cd $6.00
    Distributor profit $7.00 per cd
    Store profit $7.00 per cd

    Each display of 5 units will cost only $30.00.

    If you sign up to be an affiliate with us, which costs nothing, you will also get 10% cash or 20% in Gopher credit on any sale of Gopher Software that results from the purchase of this cd.

    With each sale of the five unit displays, you will profit a minimum of $35.00 with the potential of making more with each Gopher Sale.

    Please let us know which stores you have the Gopher Graphics displays at so we can track the Gopher sales for you.

    Contact us in you are interested.

  2. Dman1214

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    You can't be serious, who would bother?
  3. walker-talker

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    If I owned a supply store.....I would bother!!!
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi walker-talker,

    Thanks for the compliment.
    The goal of the cd's is to allow LCO's to put them at the local stores they visit since they already know the owner, it should be easy to do.
  5. Green Dreams

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    I agree... $20 is a smokin' deal.
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi Green Dream,

    Thanks. As we start hearing feedback from those that put the CDs in their local mower shops we will find out how they sell.
  7. turfsurfer

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    I wouldn't mind one of these for myself just to get some good ideas. Can the templates be edited with my own info? Will check your site for purchase info. Need to do some serious flyer and doorhanger adds late this winter since I'm dropping mowing and only offerring lawn treatments and aeration next year. Also have a new van needing lettered (have most of it worked up, but there might be a graphic on the CD to add). Also going to seriously be looking at doing a website this winter which is what I need to do the most research on, but I do like your templates.
  8. Team Gopher

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    Hi turfsurfer,

    You can edit the graphics and the html any way you'd like. You will need a graphic and web editing program.

    We are looking for help in distributing them at your local stores. I have a few display boxes I can give away to get feedback from you if you'd like to place them at your local store. Click on the image below to read how much you will make per cd sold.

    If you are interested, send me a PM with your mailing address.

    Here is a picture that Matt sent us of the cd's he put on display at a store he purchases from.


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