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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HPI_Savage25, Jan 9, 2013.

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    If you set the time then the jobs will print in order from earliest in the day to the last. They will be scheduled by time. This will work if you are setting up a mow schedule and you know how long each job will last. However, for snow removal, sprinkler repair, sprinkler blowout I don't know how long each job will take. I schedule each job to last all day. I know it won't take all day. I want the crew to finish the first job and go to the next one. I want them to go to each job in the order I specify.
    I think Jobber is working on this, but right now it cannot be done.
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    Snow removal is a big time downfall with jobber. Its impossible to schedule snow, so attempting to do it in Jobber simply doesn't work. I think they should have some type of snow management plug in option (since not everyone needs it) for the program. But one that is not designed by a Texan, and actually works. I think they are in BC, they get some snow there I think? They should consult SIMA members as to what layout would work best for snow.

    What I'm concerned about with Jobber is rescheduling if there is a rain-day. Would I need to go through and re-schedule the individual start/stop time for every property? Or is there some way I am missing to move one full day's schedule to another day?
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    I didn't see an easy way to postpone/reschedule for rain days and then revert back to your regular schedule.
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    I'm hoping jobber will let u schedule your stops for the without assigning a time for each stop. We all know even the weekly lawn maintenance time can fluctuate throughout the season. One of the things I hate about my old method of scheduling the days work in the "week @ a glance" book is that you have to predeturmine the time for each stop.
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