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    Anyone here just using the basic gopher, Im a solo operator and mainly do basic lawn care, mulch , small plantings ect.....just wondering if its worth the 99 bux or if something else is really better....I need something simple and that is not an overkill...thanx

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    I started with the basic but, I evolved to more because I grew into tracking my equipment, doing chemical applications.,etc.

    I found it to be adequate plus the fact that I could expand as my business grew. I think you will love it. it can also be intergrated into quickbooks accounting software (in the process of doing that now). Try the demo and see for yourself. I have been happy. click the link .
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    Try Lawnpro it is simple and a good program. They update quit a bit and the update is free. Look into all of them. There is groundskeeper pro too.

    If you need more info or how too on lawnpro let me know. You can try gopher for free when i was looking into it I tried it just did not like it that much.
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  5. bigw

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    I Am Trying Gopher Now And Have Questions See My Other Post

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