Got a call today from the Better Business Bureau...

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kirkmbrown2001, Aug 11, 2011.

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    The BBB is kind of a relic of the pre-internet era...I know a lot of guys on here are young and don't remember a time when the internet wasn't around, but pretty much before good search engines existed, there really wasn't any good way to find out any info on a company. Potential customers referred to the BBB to find out if a company was good to deal with or not. Now, you can just enter a company's name and find out all kinds of stuff in about 2 seconds.
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    What is that? Big Black Booty?
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    They are simply extortionist.
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    have a friend ofmine who is a plumber. he WAS a member and had a complaint called in on him from someone who he was trying to collect a debt from. BBB resolved the issue, but told him since there was a complaint that they had do post it or whatever they do, OR he could pay an extra $350 and they could resolve that also. so i agree with WBW, they are extortionists
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    Ya, there was an article about the BBB in a recent Readers Digest, basically affirmed everything said here.
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    Very true, extortion comes in all shapes and sizes these days. The BBB expects you to live by their so-called "Accreditation Standards" for which you get their blessing and "right to work" in their so called service area. Furthermore they expect you to hand over “proof” that your business is in compliance which is, in some cases, a request for sensitive inside business information.

    You did the right thin in telling them that you are not interested.

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