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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnworks, Oct 24, 2000.

  1. Lawnworks

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    Oh yeah. I traveled 400 miles to pick up this chopper. It was a pretty good deal. It is 2000 DC Flatlander XF2500 w/ 53 hrs and in perfect condition. I bought it from an individual for $6500. I have got a dealer that will take care of me so it is not like I am "dealerless". I went by the dealer and got the "dl" on the mower. Do any of you Dixie owners have any maintainance tips or user tips or tricks? Any comments welcome, except of course any comments imply that Lazers are better:)
  2. dylan

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    enjoy the new mower
  3. Eric ELM

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    Congrats on the new DC. :D
    I have a page of maintenance tips on my website for DC's. One dealer saw them and gives them to each new customer he sells (with my permission) a new DC to and he feels it is a big help to them. Check them out and see if it's any help to you.
  4. John DiMartino

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    Good luck with the new mower-you certainly got a good deal.I hae a 2000 xw2500,and from just having it this year,I can tell you this so far.Keep the deck clean every day if necessary-mine gets the slightest buildup and it starts cutting with little strips missed.Check every clamp on the external oil and hydro cooler that DC installed on the engine,mine were so loose that it was leaking oil the day i picked it up new.I am now constantly checking them and ive had to put a 1/2 turn on the clamps about every month,so far.Pick up your seat and tighten your hydro filters,mine were loose from the factory-especially the left one-it started leaking noticably by 50 hrs.Buy a set of gators and run doubles this time of year and spring too.It pulls the grass up better,which helps remove more of the front tire tracks in the cut,especially in wet/tall grass.Your armrests-If they feel loose,unzip the cover and tighten the bolt,or itll fall right off-mine fell off on the trailer-took me 45 minutes to find it.I locktighted mine -it hasnt backed off again.If you have a scalping problem-which is worse this time of year when i cut low,remove the 1/2 spacers from the spindles,and drop the deck one notch.this will put the antiscalp rollers 1/2" closer to the ground.It wont scalp after that.If your like me and buy spare belts-dont get the ones that the DC websire lists-they are for the old decks only,Buy the #'s that are on the spindle pulley guard,they are the correct ones.Good luck with it and I hope one of the things Ive mentioned can help you avoid a problem.
  5. bob

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    Was that the one from eBay?
  6. Lawnworks

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    Yes it is the same one that was on ebay. Thanks for letting me know it was there!
  7. dhicks

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    I'm real happy for you. What a deal!

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