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A pic will help. Thats a pretty bad slope how much area is behind it ? Many times i will go behind wall on hill and put a sufficient swale. Try to take as much water away from the wall as you can. We use pref corrig. pipe with min. of 2' of drain stone behind. Evey one is different, im actually building 1 now 150' long with an area in middle around 60' that will be 5-6' high. How ever the whole wall is going down hill and will drain fine. But the real beauty of this one is it is running along side of the hill and the driveway above is running away from the wall. The only water that is going to be going down thru the wall is the area from the block back to the drain stone. I'll show a pic later. But there all different and have to be thought out very well. On the other hand since i have a driveway above it is being gridded every 2 courses 100% instead of 60%.
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