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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Most of you guys probably are saying 'who cares.'

    Still, for a small solo like me, I care:)

    Managed to get my hometown dental clinic on board for seasonal mowing and apps today. Highly visible, nicer lawn upon coming into town. I wanted it bad.

    I called to follow up. Office mgr said one guy's prices were lower. Thats good I am thinking, I don't want to be the lowball.

    3/4 acre give or take of grass, average trimming, not too much weed pressure as the previous LCO did an ok job (but the guy was not local, thus the reason they were shopping). I bid $165/app last fall. Upon thinking now, was probably a little high. Office mgr. says low bid came in at $120. Jeez louise! I asked how many sq ft this guy came up with, mgr said did not list (thus probably did not measure either). I offered to split at $140/app and it was accepted. I figure I should have been $150 or so originally.

    Mowing went for $55/cut. I wanted $60-$65. I took a little hit on that, but can still make money solo. I wont even tell you what the other guy bid.
  2. turfmanagementspecialty

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    140/app for 3/4 acre sounds real good to me.
  3. RAlmaroad

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    The real closer is that you put a very nice "Maintained by" sign on that property and think of how many upper class people will see it. Getting you name in front of the public is game one in business. Way to go!
  4. phasthound

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    I treat the turf at my Veterinarian's office for nothing except a sign out front and brochures in the waiting room. The business I've gotten from that has been very good to me.

    Of course we do emphasize no pesticides are used. :)
  5. dwc

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    doctors, dentists, lawyers always get a good surcharge added to them if they want my services!
  6. Heidi J.

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  7. SeedPro

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    I like that Z-Cart. One of the LT Rich originals. Looks mint.

    I add extra to jobs on dirt roads....gets my wheels and tires all dirty and my truck and trailer are mint.

  8. SeedPro

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    No kiddin. I'd take that all day and twice on Sunday around here.
  9. SeedPro

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    So you don't do weed control for them?

    Answer carefully......
  10. Young Bros

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    Good job DA. Our normal price for that is around $180, I would have gone down to $150 if I wanted it and was price bidding. Way to go on not getting cause of being the lowest bid.

    I just got off the phone making sales...gotta pay for our 2nd truck! We too have gotten some big commercial accounts that will be seen by most. Polaris (10 acres), City of Spirit Lake (32 acres), Iowa Lakes Electric (4 acres), Heritage Landings (old people home a few acres),waiting to here back for GKN wheels (2 locations several acres each), working on a bid for Milford City and Spirit Lake schools. If this keeps up will have a T3000 in a year!


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