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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kbota, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I probably wouldn't do it. I'm new to the business and have done some pretty bad properties for too low. It is always worse than it looks. Last thing you need is to rut his yard on accident, then him not pay or something. The ground by me is always wet, which means a nightmare.....ive learned to not take those jobs unless i have to....but this is a part time gig for me, not full time.
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    Although I think some of your posts are off the charts, I agree with you. If someone dictates to me how much they will pay, I simply thank them and decline. I don't go out to eat and tell the restaurant how much I'll pay, or clothes, or the plumber, or anyone else. Something smells VERY funny.

    Let's say your leaning towards taking it. $250 per "per mowing" weekly or biweekly? How much trimming is involved and what would you need to use on the ditches? What are you currently charging per acre?
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    Probably a friend of his
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    If you need the work and can make money doing it then go for it. If you've got a relatively full schedule that can be filled quite easily with more profitable clients then I wouldn't. If it's sitting on the couch eating twinkies or earning $250, the mowing should probably win. Having said that, as mentioned above - I personally don't let people tell me what they will pay me. I figure out how long it will take and charge accordingly.
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    The trimming is what I'd be worried about! Walking over 5 acres between shrubs/tree, trimming ditches, pond etc will be a huge time sucker!
    An aerial view of the property could be helpful!
  6. The thing that tells me to walk is he told you how much he's going to pay.


    This isn't make a deal. Forget this guy. IF you truly believe it will take you all day, I'd pass. $30/hr for mowing imo is too low, and I live in a market that you can make money off that.
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    5 acres with a 60" shouldn't take all day unless the ditches and trimming is excessive. I do lots that size solo all day in about 3 hours tops.

    Without seeing it I can't say anything about this particular job but I know that lots that size can be done and you can come out with over $60 an hour easily, it all depends on the trimming and what the particular job has in it.

    But as everyone has already said I would be leery with them setting the price for you, a lot of times it doesn't bode well unless you are really hurting for work.
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    Agree...keep you rates appropriate. Consider drive time, fuel at $3.50/gallon including truck and mower. Remember that trimming now is much easier than trimming in April or May. Contract it weekly for the remainder of this and all of next with a minimum of 26 mows spaced no greater than 10 days. $350-$375 sounds very close. Never low ball if you want to have nicer equip, a decent salary, and too be in business long term.
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    How do you know it's 5 acres?
    Because the customer told you?

    Hold on...
    (runs around the building because he doesn't want you to hear but oddly enough you still hear a loud...)
    L O L!!!
    ok (comes back around front and tells you...)

    You can go ahead and do it.


    Hey man...
    Before I leave, let me tell you something...
    When a customer makes the offer?
    It's probably a little too good to be true.
    But don't let that hold you back, I mean if you want it...

    I like asking for $300 thou personally...
    I'd like to find out some kind of way how big the property really is...
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  10. MOturkey

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    Simple. Tell him you will mow it once for that price and you will then be able to give him a firm price for future service. You are not going to get burned that much, from your description of the property, and, will, I'm guessing, do pretty well at $250.

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