got a mailer from a "big " fert co.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bobbygedd, Mar 15, 2003.

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    a while back, we were discussing pricing, and i was told by many that i was extremely high priced. well, here is what i got in the mail from one of these "fast food" type fert companies. 4800 sq. ft, for $250. "six" services, but read the fine print: trip #1=crab+fert. trip #2=weed+fert. then it states insect control"as needed". in my area, i have serviced only a few props that truly require insect control, 9 out of ten need no insect or grub treatments. visit #3=weed and fert. as well as "free lime". so, in esscence, this big company that is supposed to be cheaper, is actually higher in price. they are doing 6 apps, cheap apps, in 3 visits, for $250. i use granular, and to weed and feed a property of 4800 sq. cost me(materials) about $4. their liquid apps are cheaper im sure. so the truth is, the bigger company who should be cheaper, is really higher in price.

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