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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by swinningham, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. swinningham

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    I just called my local Hustler dealer and he quoted a Super Z 60" with a Kaw 25 for $7400.Pj (mowerconsultant) remember me? I emailed you a couple of days ago about this dealer (who also sells Kubota) and he was trying to sell me the ZD21 on the basis of how much fuel I would save.He didn't even want to talk about the hustler. I will be mowing 7acres weekly and that's it. He also quoted 10K for the ZD21. I thought $7400 was great for the Super Z. He also informed me of the well talked about price increase in Aug. He said prob 2-5%. PJ, this guy on the phone was not the same guy I talked to at the dealership last week who pushed the ZD21. I def. want to buy local but don't know much about this dealer. My only other option was an Exmark 60" with a 27 for $8200 ( at my local co-op) . Tell me guys, is $7400 a good price for the Huster??? By the way,this is my going to be my first ZTR because I'm building a new house. Are the any better than the 42" Craftsman I have now (lol). But seriously, I'm weary of buying from a hustler dealer who are gung ho Kubota.
  2. JHE

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    The price I got for the Super-Z during this same sale was $7,800. I think 7,400 is a great price.
  3. theservicingdealer

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    This is a fair price for a Z.Some sales rep have been selling a product for so long and just believe in one product.You go from one dealer to another they always seem to have model they like better than another.For example-Go thirty miles south of us few commercail people use Zs. But up here that all they use. No tractors to mow 3-10 acres . Tractor are multi use machines. Not good at all things . A compromise.Zs are made to mow-thats it!!
    But I bet if you drive both you will see a major difference. Check the deck-steering, the oil coolers, the frame, the drive system , the brake system, and the warrenty . Then you will see how they stack up.
  4. NoWalk4Me

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    I paid about the same for a 27 Kohler 60" Super and its awesome. I got a really good deal on it last July so I'd say that's pretty good. My only real exposure to Kubota has been with their small tractor/backhoe type units and they are awesome machines. However, the way I see it Excel/Hustler has been making mowers, not tractors for 40 years. That's not to say that Kubota doesn't make a fine mower as I'm sure they do. I've got a retired neighbor who bought a big Kubota Z, not sure if its what you are looking at or not, and it doesn't stripe or cut nearly as cle as my SupZ. Could be different turf but it looks like fescue, turf-type... like mine. Also, I'd say the ground speed of the Hustler over 7 acres would probably offset any gain in fuel mileage of the Kubota by saving time. I guess I'm a little partial though! Either mower should do you right and mowing will actually seem fun.
  5. markindetroit

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    I just bought my Super Z (27hp/60") last week. It was $8095. The price was the same even though I called a half dozen dealers. After checking out the competition, I chose the Huslter.
    I own 6.25 acres and cut it on Sunday. It took me about 3 hours, give or take. I didn't even use a single tank of gas to cut all of this. I was very impressed with the cut and ride. It was actually fun.
    My neighbor ( who used to own the property ) used a New Holland tractor with a belly mower to cut this property. He told me on Sunday that it used to take him 7-8 hours to cut the grass. So buying the Super Z essentially cut the mowing time in half. It is a big difference in using a machine that just does one thing compared to using something that does many things. Bottom line is how much is your time worth, and how much free time does one have.
    With 7 acres, you should be done in less than 4 hours.
  6. imograss

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    I paid 8150 for my 27/60 Super Z last year. Franklin Kubota was my dealer and they were more interested in selling me the Exmark and ZD as well.
  7. puppypaws

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    Buy the Hustler Super Z and I promise you will never regret it. My dealer in this area goes to church with me and is a very close freind. He handles 32 different lines of equipment and probably sells as many mowers in the Charlotte,NC area as anybody in the country. When we were at church yesterday I asked him which mowers sold the best and he told me it was by far the Hustler then came Gravely,Bobcat,Yazoo and Cub Cadet in that order. In my opinion that is a good price for the Super Z I have personally put close to 400 hrs. on 2 of them since since last year. The first one had a 25 Kaw. then I stepped up to the 27 Kohler and I could tell a difference in power, I am leaving now to go mow about 3 acres for a neighbor that is having problems with his health. If you have any questions about the mower just let me know.
  8. puppypaws

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    The dealer I was talking about in my previous post told me this week he was the largest Hustler dealer in the southeast and he sold several hundred units a year. I am not getting into preferences of engines but I can tell you that I have owned and operated the Super Z 60" with the 25 Kawasaki and it is a fine machine. I was mowing in grass heavy enough to pull the 25 hp rpm's back when they delivered my 27 hp Kohler I went straight back to the same grass and could not believe the difference it did not even change pitch in the sound of the engine. I have put 270 hours on this machine in less than one year just mowing my own personal grass and it has not given any trouble. You may want to try both the 25 and 27 so you can see the difference for yourself.
  9. greggo

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    Hey guys don't forget to ask for a price on demo units.I asked and just got a Super Mini Z 52" deck with a 25 hp kawi for $6,400 with only 1.5 hours on it. Great machine!! Great Price!!

    Good Luck Greg

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