Got a Z-force. My first ZTR experiance!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by therock, Apr 19, 2003.

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    First of all you folks have been great! Thanks!
    Well after a local dealer (Taylors Farm Supply, Cartersville, GA) jilted me and sold a Z-Force from under me I calmly acted as if I understood and would wait for the next one. He put it to me like it was no big deal. I can't wait for him to call so I can calmly tell him I went else where. He will sell it 5 minutes after that but I'll enjoy it anyway.
    I never operated a ZTR before. WoW! This is really fun stuff. Even with no experience it cut considerable time off my mowing time. I have a 3/4 acre lot with a small house set back 150' with 50+ trees. I used to like my trees untill I had to mow and at times considered harvesting them untill now. I feel like the roles have reversed. I now own the yard instead of it owning me.
    The machine is fast. When the dealer (Depot Power Center, Blairsville, GA) drove it through the parking lot at full bore I was Drop Jawed! It says 7mph but feels faster. I have Kentucky 31 Tall Feskew that I enjoy pampering. It was past due for a cut and I went off the trailer right at it. The cut is excellent. I read of a Z-Force clogging in damp grass. I don't buy it. Something had to be missing from the story. My lawn was dry but the tip speed has got to be in the 90's. On a smooth flat section of my thickest grass, out of curiosity I went 50' @ full speed and the cut was perfect. Not a blade poking up. Maybe he had the smaller 494cc Kawasaki engine. The Briggs is 656cc. I wanted the Kaw originally but I am liking the bigger motor for now.
    I need some operating fundamentals. Doing the 180's was inconsistent for me. Most of the successful ones where out of luck. I'll have to admit here to not knowing what I am doing. I'm glad the wife was not home. I had to look like a klutz out there. I am lucky my dirt was moist from a rain the day before or I would have some holes. How do you do a 180 with no inside tire spin?
    Anything about operation would be Great.

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    I am getting into the business, and my current mower i just bought last fall. I have a 19 HP Kawi, and it does something like 13-15 mph so it cruises. I am just now learning the best ways to operate it. Most importantly, if you have a soggy, soft spot in your lawn, don't do a 180 there. Ive had to drag the mower out of the yard a few times with the truck. Your wheels will start spinning out and leave a nasty rut. Also, if you have to go over those ruts a few times, or through small ditches, get a bunch of speed before hand and pop through it. Don't worry about hurting your mower, I haven't.

    The way I make my 180's is to pull back slightly on the left stick and push forward with the right all the way(depending on how fast you ant to turn) and vice versa. Or you can not touch one of the sticks altogether, but that sometimes "twists" the grass under the stationary wheel.

    Rule out the luck part, and rely on practice! I drive my wife-to-be crazy because my yard gets mowed 2 or 3 times a week.

    Most importantly, have fun!

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