Got another account today

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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Owosso, MI
A nice $35 lawn, 30 minutes tops. I am now up to 5 accounts, growing slowly but surely. Hopefully more to follow.


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Congrats Davis!

We're experiencing the same good news, with this year being only our second. Keep them customers coming in!

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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Owosso, MI
Thanks Twins. Good luck to you too buddy. I figure if you get enough $25-$35 lawns that take 20-30 minutes, you are making $50-70 per hour which is nice. I think the smaller lawns is where the money can roll in and you can get that $40-$60 an hour most people on here talk about. Especially when you are a solo, single, no dependents, and only have to support yourself. Get yourself a plow and make some winter cash and you are sitting pretty.

Expert Lawns

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Signed 4 contracts this week. A few $30-35 accounts. That's right where I like to be when they only take 20-30 minutes solo.

Congrats Davis! Don't forget, once you get out there mowing, be sure to do outstanding work. You will get plenty of referrals and word-of-mouthers that way. Your lawns have YOUR name on them. Keep it up

Trevors Lawn Care

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Similar news here too Davis. Just signed two more contracts yesterday bringing the grand total to 25, with 15 or so quotes out there. Shooting for lots more and wont be satisfied until I get them.


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