got any tips on how I can start using contracts and how I can get more clients?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by arhymer101, Aug 11, 2009.

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    This season was my first one, and basically it started out as me and a buddy seeing if it would actually work... and sure enough... IT DID! We only got about 12 yards though by advertising through craigslist and putting out business cards in some neighborhoods. I work on my own now because long story short, he did not care what the customers thought. I would like to figure out how I could get work in the winter as well (maybe 12 month contracts?) I have no experience with contracts and do now know what is usually covered in them. Also, I would just like to find a way to get more customers next season. someone PLEASE help me. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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    Use the search feature just to the right of new posts and you should have hours of reading on contracts and the good and bad. Don't know how old you are but you must be 18 to sign a contract.

    As far as new work word of mouth and is probably your best lead. Again a search will give you lots of information. If you want to narrow your search down use the advanced feature and put in a members name and if they have contributed to the topic you will get their thoughts. Procuts, txgrassguy, jimlewis are all good members to read up on. You will find more I'm sure. BigW is a guy that built his company up pretty fast he dosen't participate any more but if you believe him he went from zero to hiring employees in just a year or so.

    Justmowit built a franchise model but never sold it, DFW is following in their footsteps. Bohilla and I both do upper end residential. Rodfather is a commercial guy that always gave good info. It is all just a little bit different. Procuts epic thread on how to crash and burn is a must read for anyone serious about growing the business.

    I know the search feature is not as heady as having members respond to you personally but it gets old giving the same info year after year. There is a goldmine of info in the archives.
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    yes I completely agree .....I lurked basically for 2 years reading all kind of info on the forums....

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