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    Hey , got a question about grubs ??

    Since we did not have a bad winter over here on the east coast, should we prepare for early attacks ??? My uncle found the buggers only an inch or so under the soil in his garden in westchester NY... Should the application window be moved up earlier for the Merit ?????
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    Remember the grubs that are feeding now (probably very large) are the result of last summers egg laying. These buggers are going to soon be this years beetles. If you didn't kill them in the fall and you're worried about spring feeding, then apply cylox now and water in well - that'll stop 'em.

    As far as the Merit, this product is best applied after egg laying in late June-July. If you wait until August, your set-up time is not as long and you may want to switch to MACH2.

    We used Mach2 last August for all clients who had grub problems in previous years (fall 2000, and earlier), and did not have any problems with grubs in fall 2001 where Mach2 was applied.

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    Just remember even if you treat, you will always find grubs. It's grub control not grub elimination. There is no reason to treat for grubs in spring they will not feed enough to harm the rapid growing turf of spring. They say mild winters bring more insects. So there will probably be more grub survivors pupating to adults. As far as grubs go I think it has more to do with what the weather is like when its egg laying time. Last year it was hot and dry here and very little grub problems. Beetles like warm Moist soil for laying eggs. Back to my first idea, once someone has a bad grub experience they freak even if they see one. I think your area similar to here. I would stick to late June early July for apps.

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    "There is no reason to treat for grubs in spring they will not feed enough to harm the rapid growing turf of spring."

    Pretty fair statement, Mark, but you should have used Huge size, bold, and perhaps RED letters., and add 20 exclamation points.

    The biggest selling point on grub control is using the common human interpretation of "giant maggots" :blob2: WIPE THEM OUT!!! And that is not necessary or possible. The grubs you see in spring have already eaten almost as much as they need for their lifetime (most varieties causing turf damage here).

    LOL!! Carol just read this post and left room retching. Love that giant maggot analogy.

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    Very cool.... Thanks for that info guys....

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