Got harrassed today by neighbor of lawn I applied to.....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. hal

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    Yes, just be spraying water, and when they come out you scream and start acting crazy!!!! Running away, like the bomb technician.
  2. kemco

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    I do see what you are saying. I should have added the only times we do this would be neighbors car parked on the street next to our customers. Or yes if in the driveway but then only those on zero lot sizes where we can stay on our customers property. We don't ever walk up into a neighbor's yard or drive to blow the dust off. If it's that far away I really don't see dust/grass being a real issue that far away. And we really do stay about 15 or so feet away from the vehicle as we walk around them to blow the dust off. But so far never had anyone say anything negative. I think we've had maybe two actually give us a thumbs up if they were already outside. At least I think it was a thumb and not a middle finger. LOL.
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  3. Trees Too

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    The content of this entire thread reminds me of the saying that "A person only has one chance to made their first impression".
    This all comes down to the way someone approaches you, and not just what that say, but how they say it, their tone and general mannerisms.

    It's one thing to have a concerned neighbor ask you what you are spraying, or to politely caution you that their vegetable garden is right on the other side of the border hedge.

    To that end, as State Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicators we assume the responsibility to ensure that none of our sprays drift off our customer's property onto neighboring properties. And we have the added responsibility of protecting all pollinators by not spraying near any flowering plants when bees and butterfly's are foraging.

    What makes all us sprayers a bit jaded (and even belligerent) is that random person that comes stomping over in the midst of a treatment ranting about us harming/killing this, that and the other thing, immediately following with their list of conditions & demands that we must comply with! :angry::realmad:

    So if any of you are finding some of the guys responses to be snarky and sarcastic....THIS IS WHY!! :wall:
  4. hal

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    You're standing in it!
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  5. dwc

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    I flagged it. Google is taking their sweet time to review it. It’s definitely a cheap shot at us!
  6. That Guy Gary

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    I wouldn't be concerned if you're page has many honest reviews, I think people who check out businesses online are aware of crackpots.

    Or have fun with it, can you leave a reply comment? It's my understanding that if you have lasting headaches that can't be treated with essential oils you probably have autism. :laugh:
  7. EricC

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    Honest reviews that actually provide something of substance are out there and easy to spot. I person with more than 2 functioning brain cells can usually weed out the ones that are BS. Whenever I see anyone with a 2 or 3 star and only a few ratings I always click and usually it's just one person mad about price or they said they couldn't do it "RIGHT NOW". I toss those right aside.

    and people that can't discern between those reviews, you probably don't want them anyway.
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  8. dwc

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    We don’t have a lot of reviews since it’s not that big of a deal in our rural area, but it does drag our rating down considerably.
    That would be a good reply! :laugh:
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