Got Hit Hard Last Night

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by lawnspecialties, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. lawnspecialties

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    Got a call from the Wake Co. sheriff's office last night. They had a guy in custody and wanted to know if I could come take a look at a few things. Obviously everything is now the property of the insurance company but one Gravely and the trailer have been recovered. Still no Polaris, the other Gravely, or all the handheld stuff but at least someone is in jail this weekend.
  2. MNLawns

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    that's great
  3. LawnSite Fanatic
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    Nice they caught the thieve.
  4. C.L.A.M. Inc.

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    Do you do work in Eagle Ridge lawnspecialties? I think I have seen you in there before. Sorry to hear all your stuff got stolen. A guy told me about a month ago that a non profit in Garner got an almost new commercial ztr stolen out of their equipment shed. Glad to hear they caught someone though.
  5. lawnspecialties

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    Yes. That's probably me. I dropped all my residentials except three in Cary and two in Eagle Ridge. White F350 with service body.

    I know about the non-profit. A neighbor that I do a few small jobs for is the one who primarily helps them with their lawn maintenance. They're on Aversboro Rd. and they lost a ztr, trimmer, edger, and blower from what I know.
  6. C.L.A.M. Inc.

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    That's funny because we started dropping all of our residential about 4 years ago. We have dropped all of them except three in Cary and 7 in Eagle Ridge. Usually just my father and I when we are in Eagle Ridge. Usually in a white f250 with orchard ladder up top.
  7. LawnCareBowling2019

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    This is crazy, but I just thought about it, the only landscaping item Ive ever had stolen from me is a pitchfork!! But Im glad they caught one of em lawnspecialties.
  8. kemco

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    I just bit the bullet had a handful of HD cameras put in around my equipment storage. The commercial ones that continuously record everything. I sleep much better if nothing more. Price was not too much more than some Arlo type of system you can get at a big box. Just those aren't continuously recording everything. Glad that they caught them. I got taken for 3 of my newer RM 8500 blowers over the course of last year. Of course never heard a word back from LEO. Not that I thought they would, they have bigger fish to fry I know.
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