Got in a big wreck friday.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BSDeality, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Its raining, so i have time to sit down and get some pictures off the camera as well as make a few posts.

    Friday afternoon i was in between accounts with my dodge and trailer with my 260Z and Pro-50 Gravely's. As i passed a professional office park a car came flying out towards the road i was on. i watched my passenger side mirror because i thought i was going to take the nose of their car off with the trailer. they managed to stop and i cleared it by about 6". All the while the traffic in front of me had stopped for a light that had turned while my eyes were watching the mirror. I reacted as quickly as possible, but it was no use, the brakes locked up and i skidded, i released and punched them again and tried to swerve to the right but there was no avoiding this one. I clipped a car in the right rear. the cop's think i hit the guy doing about 25mph.

    I hit him with enough force that his back window (tinted) popped out and landed on the very front of my hood. he tapped a car infront of him and then he then rolled across the oncoming traffic lane (35mph speed limit road). luckily no one was coming at the moment it happened. he rolled across and ran into the curb. i knocked the poor bastard out cold, after i called the police i opened the door and he came too, didn't have a clue what happened.

    The car was a brand new Infiniti G35 2 door coupe. it only 243 miles on it! It was less than 24 hours old!!!

    That's enough details for now. but let me just say to all you guys with 1/2 ton's trucks and trailers with no brakes, its only a matter of time til you do what i did. I just bought a new trailer (see truck/trailer forum for it) and immediately installed electric brakes on it because my old trailer's tongue got bent in the accident (and no one hit me, just the inertia of the mowers sliding forward 8" in the accident). The mowers were secured with 10,000# straps too.

    Stay safe, and don't get in any accidents, the whiplash sucks :(

    Here's a picture of the truck, you'd never know the other car was totalled just looking at mine.

  2. BSDeality

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    here's the car, i didn't get a chance to get pictures before they wrapped it unfortunately, but you can get the idea that his trunk was in his backseat and his car is about 2' shorter than from the factory.

  3. gogetter

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    Well, it'll make parallel parking easier for him. LOL!

    Seriously though, hope no one was hurt.

    Did you get a ticket? I was in a similar accident years ago (no trailer), and was given a citation for "following too closely".

    I thought it was bull, but their figuring is, if you were not so close, you should have had time to react. My insurance doubled.
  4. BSDeality

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    i was given a ticket for "following without reasonable distance". i htink they re-word it alittle bit when you've got a trailer. The sad part was i really wasn't very close to him at all, just all that weight doesn't stop on a dime. I've been pulling trailers for years I'd only had one other close call in a similar situation where it wasn't my fault though.

    I'm scared to see what my insurance is going to do. this is my first accident and ticket ever, i just hope they don't nail me too hard.
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    that is a terrible thing to happen. I am glad it was not worse than it was!

    I had the crapeola scared out of me recently...ricegrinder and 6x12 single axle heading down a grade toward an intersection after it had just started to rain.

    I hit the brakes slid no telling how took forever!

    looked both ways and it was clear, just before I slid through the intersection I hit the gas and went on.

    with cars coming it woudda been my WATERLOO!!!

    GEO :eek:
  6. MMLawn

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    Insurance: Double or higher (mine, full coverage went from $750 a year to $1800 a year for the full 3 years) at least and for the next 3 years and that was with no ticket. I know because I did the same thing and totalled the Mercedes I hit with my former truck.

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