Got inspected by Dept. Of Agriculture today

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Springmeadows, Oct 8, 2007.

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    On the way out of the house today, a trcuk pulls up the driveway and out pops an NCDA inspector. Says he is here to say hello and see my pesticide storage. I said its good to see you and it's down here. I was ready... although I have never seen an inspector in my end of rural North Carolina before. I have been in business and yes, licensed since 1991.

    He looked and said "looks good" and do you know any unlicensed guys spraying? If so, let me know, I'm here to say "hi" to them. So look out Western North Carolina, NCDA is out there inspecting.
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    do you keep your stuff put up or locked up? just wondering if they had a regulation on it down there. willie
  3. Springmeadows

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    He told me just dry storage by itself. No power equipment or gas around it. Right now it was in a storage box with a lock but it was not locked. He didn't seem to have a problem with the way it was.

    I didn't have much though. One 2.5 Round-up, 1 gallon Tri-Ester, and a 3 quart of Bifen. A couple small containers of fungicide and that's it. He hit me on a low day, and I applied all the major stuff I usually carry. With the drought I haven't stocked too much.

    We also talked about Merit and micro-injection. I felt it went real well. I was actually encouraged that the state has sent someone over here. There are lots of unlicensed guys over here spraying all kinds of stuff. I saw the sheet with the names of the licensed guys on it, maybe 8 in this area. I would say that there about thirty guys I see with backpacks and other sprayers around. I hope he nails everyone.
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    I have always maintained a good relationship with my state's Department of Agriculture. About a month ago I actually saw one of the Inspectors in a quick mart and I asked him when I was due for a visit.
    The dude was quite honest saying guys like me (licensed, insured, ceu's always current) stood almost a zero chance of being inspected. They were concentrating on the unlicensed lco's with spray bottles bouncing around in their rigs. He walked up to my truck and immediately noticed all of my equipment was clean, the tank strapped down and the chemicals stored in a dry box - then walked away saying take it easy.
    He did mention that my area only has two inspectors to cover over twenty counties and with the volume of calls complaining about unlicensed applicators he didn't have the time to waste.

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