Got laid off and started L.C.


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I live in a town in southern CA where construction was the major business out hear other then air craft or people commuting to L.A.
How many of you were forced into starting a business? I have been laid off since jan 2009. Are town has 30 percent unemployment and there are no jobs NO JOBS. This has been the best way for me to make money in the past two years. I had 6 customers last year get laid off 1 lost there house 1 started mowing lawns themselves. Do you guys have customers losing there jobs? How do you compete with the illegal immigrants they charge about .25 a minute not a dollar a minute. I guess what i am asking is does anybody else just starting have this I haven't read about it. this is all i got and i have no where to chase the work. Just want some tips for socal. Iv only got 17 customers hoping to get to 30 - 40 next year. If anyone has any tips other then drop out of it I would appreciate it.