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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mark lagasse, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. mark lagasse

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    I got what I think was lowballed on what would have been a nice contract for me. A fairly large church and house. I bid 940 monthly and got beat by almost 150 per month. I hope they get good service for the 750-800 they are going to be paying. It was basically a mow blow and go. The church takes care of their own flowers and pinestraw. I figured on five hours per visit. They also had a bid that was over 1000 so I was in the middle. Price was the deciding factor. Their old provider was cutting during funerals and blowing clippings at the doors and getting it inside. I will not get discouraged and am actively pursuing two daycares and the owners house.
    Mark LaGasse
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  2. MMLawn

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    Depends. Maybe maybe not. What was the property size turf wise. Actually for most churches if it doesn't also have a cemetary for the South the $750 even sounds a little high maybe.
  3. PGA

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    I do a couple Churches and being the good Catholic that I am will refrain from using certain words ( :) ) but...

    Churches are the cheapest M****F****** on the face of the planet!

    Everything to them is about saving a buck and their sceduling needs suck!

    I did one of them on Fri last year. It just so happened it rained Fri and Sat. The guy calls me at 5:00 Sun morning and wants me there and to have it done for 7:30 Mass.

    This is after 4 inches of rain in 2 days!

    I told him I must still be sleeping because Im having a bad dream about some guy waking me on a Sun morning to mow and I hung up.
  4. beautifullawns

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    Something i've learned is there will always be low bidders on certain properties. Churches is on of them. Property management companies is another. It seems in order to get those jobs you have to take a big cut off your price.
  5. the ace

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    As long as the quality of service is all the same the only deciding factor is PRICE! Let's face it guys, we shop around for the best price when we buy equipment so why should we expect others to be any different when looking for lawn care service.
  6. parttimer

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    I just turned in a bid for a local church that is large 5.5 6.0 hrs lots of trimming and so on . And after about two weeks my wife called back to see what they had desided and the lady said Ihavent even opened the bids .The guy thats has the job told me he would not go up this year so we are going to keep him. My price was 250.00per cut and she said he was cutting it for 175.00 this year also. He has anew dodge truck a anew scag turf tiger much realy need the jos.:laugh: :laugh:
  7. Sammy

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    With the little info. you gave about this job, I would bid around $850.00 for it.
    Guess I lowballed ya too ? :rolleyes:
  8. CAG

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    in rough #s hes doing it for 30-50 bucks cheaper a week thats not lowballing from what Ive read on this site.. If you think about it could very well be making out better than you per hour depending what you guys have for equipment.
  9. Flex-Deck

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    I was just informed by an account that I have been doing for three years, that some one bid substantially lower than what I have been doing if for. It is one of the original accounts I got to get my foot in the door, and I was doing it for the following.

    16 acres in the back part - some trimming around about three light poles, and 4 electic boxes, and four or five stop signs - mow every two weeks - One 5 acre section is wide open but EXTREMELY Rough- The other acres are somewhat smoother, and pretty open - I had been doing it for $295, but raised my bid this time to $335 - Approx. $21 per acre.

    6 acres in the front in 5 squares - approx 1.2 acres each - surrounded by curbs. I have been doing that section weekly for $160.

    I am going to really have a good time when mowing season starts, stopping by and watching whoever got the bid when they try to mow the Rough 5 acre section. My wife and I named it the Roller Coaster Corner. Full of duel truck ruts from working on a 60 foot tall sign, etc.

    Actually We used to kind of dread having to do the job, so I am not heart broken. Just need to work on replacing it though.
  10. jason_2005lawnman

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    very true ace; we all shop for the best price(well at least most of us with common sense;lol)

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