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got my 9000/1000 yesterday!

Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by driver5, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. driver5

    driver5 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 270

    Unfortunately Im at the firehall today, but tomorrow I will ubox her and see what she's got!! Will update soon.
  2. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839


    I'm anxious to hear your impressions about the MAG-9000. Refresh my memory, but I believe you purchased a MAG-9000. It is sometimes difficult to match up screen names with people I've spoken to on the telephone.

    Do give me a call if you have questions about any of the equipment.

    Thank you,
  3. driver5

    driver5 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 270

    Yes I ordered a combo. Its Scott B. from Nashville TN.

    I should have brought it with me to work.

    In my basement is also my shop. Im going to mount the 1000 on a pillar. but i need to figure out how to mount it.. maybe on a piece of wood, then on the pillar....? Or how much is your bracket that the blade balancer mounts on?
  4. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

  5. driver5

    driver5 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 270

    I just noticed that I never replied to my own thread.

    Im currently getting blades sharp and ready to go here in the next few weeks.

    I must say that this blade sharpener is the best tool that I have bought for my business. The blades are sharpened, if not better than they were new.

    For those of you out there shopping around.. Stop. This is the sharpener youve always wanted. Its the real deal.

    Thank you Magna-Matic for building a product that is "heavy duty", and "tuff" and honestly.... its fun to use.

    This past summer i had to replace a Shaft on my mower deck. Exmark dealer swore that it was impossible to bend a shaft from not balancing a blade. He says it just wont happen. Well... i never balanced blades before... and I had a bent shaft.

    Now that ive been balancing... Ive had no problems.. and the deck seems smoother with all happy balanced blades running underneath.

    Ooh. and I wont even begin to talk about how smooth the grass is cut.. I can mow faster than before.. and with no "re cut" because of improperly sharpened blades.

    Thanks again...

    Scott Baker
    Nashville Tennessee
  6. Magna-Matic

    Magna-Matic Sponsor
    Messages: 839

    Hello Scott,

    Great to hear your results, and thank you for the compliments. We take great pride in the build, design, and quality of our equipment. We also love using solid heavy duty equipment, and that is why we build it that way.

    One other item I would invite you to track, is your fuel efficiency. You should see around 20% less fuel used. In a thread some time ago, a lawn care pro had said after using the MAG-1000 and MAG-9000 he had a commercial property that always used exactly one tank of fuel. After sharpening and balancing his blades for the first time, he mowed the same property and had 1/4 tank left.

    The lawn mower blade is the MOST CRITICAL component of the lawn care professional's "end product" therefore PROPER lawn mower blade service ensures a quality job.

    All lawn mowers can spin a blade, but only if the blade has been properly maintained with Magna-Matic service tools will provide the best result.

    Thank you,

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