Got my first commercial account today,,,

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    I only do this part time and i do all residential lawns. I was at the shop where i buy my motorcycle parts today and they have about 1.5 acres around their shop that had not been mowed this year. I asked who was mowing their grass and they said noone would return their calls to get it done. So i gave them a quote, they said when can you do it, so i unloaded my new gravely i just bought yesterday and now i have a weekly commercial account. When i got done, payment was waiting on me...
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    Congrats on the new acct.
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    Congrats on your new account!
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    nice! gotta love those types of accounts!
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    How dose one go about getting commercial accounts anyway?...
    In person, by letter etc....? Or what IS the best way?!... :confused:

    Thanks everyone..

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