Got my first Zero Turn a Lazer Z AS have a few questions

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by huhnchadd, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. huhnchadd

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    I just got a Lazer Z AS yesterday. I got a deal on an 05 still in the crate with 23 hp Kohler and 52" deck. I just got my inlaws place on 18 acres with 4 acres of grass. It was my wife's idea to get something this big and nice...she doesn't want me out there for 4 hours a week cutting grass. She said spend the money and get the bigger one. She is a keeper!!!!

    1. I found a part for a tow hitch (631655). I want to pull a spreader, a small trailer and maybe a roller. Are any of these too much for my lazer?

    2. When I engauge the deck it shakes and makes noise until I increase the power. I am pulling the PTO at about 1/2 power. Should this be more or less? I am affraid to break something going too fast.

  2. wanabe

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    Can you please let me know what you paid for this unit? I am looking at the exact same mower and have no clue at the price. Thanks!
  3. tacoma200

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    I had an 03 Lazer AS and I think I got them down to $6900. It was the 23 hp 60" cut back then.
  4. DEEJ

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    I pull all of the above with my Lazers with no problem. If I use the heavier ganged roller set I use something else to tow it (old Garden Tractor).

    1. If you have an old garden tractor now, my advise is to not get rid of it. I much prefer to do the seeding, spreading, rolling, towing a cart, and spraying with the garden tractor. The Lazer will do it, but in my opinion the old garden tractor is better suited. With the spreaders I can simply reach over the back of the seat to control them. Can't do that with the Lazer. Low risk of jackknifing with the tractor.

    2. Be very cautious when towing. The Lazer will turn much sharper than the towed objects can. If not careful, you will jackknife.

    3. General rule of thumb is pull the PTO out at the lowest rpm you can and not stall the engine. It will shake when you pull it out - this is normal. I pull out the PTO switch, then once things are spinning increase to full throttle.

    4. Some of the vibration during initial spinup can be eliminated by balancing the blades. New blades are not balanced. Sometimes they are close, but sometimes I have found they are very bad. Spinup seems to be where this is noticed.

    5. Don't be disappointed, but if there is indeed 4 acres of grass, and there are trees, bushes, gardens and other obstacles to go around, your actual cut time may just be 4 hours! I have found the acres/hour production rates shown in the brochures do not work in the real world. With overlap, turning, and obstacles, the numbers go out the window. That said, the Lazer ia a blast to drive, and is certainly way, way faster than the old garden tractor - excellent choice!

    6. A pair of these Peltor Worktunes by A&O Safety makes the whole experience that much better:

    7. Keep that wife!

  5. huhnchadd

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    Wanabe I payed $6995 for the 05 leftover Lazer Z AS 52" Deck.

    DeeJ thanks for the response. I wish I had a GT to do the other jobs with. My other mower is a 21" MTD that I got off a friend for $50 3 years ago when I moved into my first house. I just got the house on 18 acres. (4 acres of grass to cut now) After I recover from all the renovations my wife will have me working on I will have to find a used one.

  6. TLS

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    Prior to engaging blades, pull your choke out until your engine just starts to stumble. This will prevent stalling, etc.
  7. wanabe

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    from So. IL
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    Thanks for the price info!
  8. CutApproved

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    No offense but you might wanna "READ THE MANUAL"

    1/2 throttle pull the PTO and then full throttle,, its simple

    Hey don't forget,, read the manual or at least you dam dealer should have gone over this with you used, leftover or new.

    my 2ยข
  9. mag360

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    This is the right way to do it^ You can engage the blades at a very low rpm without stalling and prolong the life of your clutch and belt.
  10. stuffdeer

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    Hmmm....Good Advice~

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