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    I’ve had my Bad Boy MZ48 for over a week, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to post about the mower.

    October 9/10, I drove about 2.5hrs. one-way to Paris, TX to meet Kevin (retrodog here on LS) at his shop (K&G Mowers). He had read about me looking for a mower and that a MZ was one of my choices…the other being the Hustler Sport. I was looking at the MZ42 more for dollars and cents, but he gave me a deal on a new MZ48 that made sense to me.

    I’ll put in a plug for Kevin and say that he is a good guy to deal with and that he loves to talk mowers and the mowing business and just a nice guy to talk to. I had expected to just go to his shop, look the mower over, ask some questions, sign the papers, load up and go down the road. But I spent a couple hours (or so) there talking mostly mowers and mowing jobs…and bringing home the MZ48 of course. While I was there, I saw an example of Kevin looking after his customers. A fella came in looking for a set of blades for his Bad Boy mower. I told Kevin to look after the fella first. Kevin didn’t have them on the shelf, but he did have a new mower with the needed blades. He would be restocking the blades the next week, but he went and jacked up the mower and took the blades off and sold them to the fella. Good customer service in my books. Course there might have been a chance that someone might have come by to demo the now ‘bladeless’ mower…but I believe there was another one there of the same mower except a different size deck that was available. So yes, I would recommend dealing with Kevin at K&G Mowers if it is a Bad Boy mower you’re after…and of course if you’re within a reasonable driving distance.

    I chose the MZ over the Sport mainly because the MZ physically fit me better (taller seat height). I have Hustler dealers closer and if the Sport would have fit me better (I felt cramped) I would have bought one of them. Before I even saw and sat on a MZ, I actually mowed with a friend’s Sport 48, and I noticed the low seat height. I know that a lower seat height means lower center of gravity, but I was willing to for go that for overall comfort in a higher seat height. Why did I drive so far to buy a mower? Because I felt I was getting a good deal, and I feel that I am mechanical enough to work on it myself if need be. I’ve been told (and have read) that Bad Boy is good for sending out parts quickly directly from their factory to the customers door if the customer doesn’t want to go through the dealer. I try and take care of my equipment, and by looking at my mower and how it’s built and the simplicity, I don’t think I’ll have any problems. From talking on the phone with the folks at Bad Boy, I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting service from them. Good folks to talk to. I have heard stories about Bad Boy fixing a mower after the warranty is done in some cases.

    Seems like most homeowners on here have the needs (and financial means) for a more commercial duty mower, so this little mower might not interest very many, but for me I’m sure it’ll be more than enough. Especially coming from the little Bolen lawn tractor (15.5 hp, 38” deck, 6 speed) that I was using. I only have about a 1/2 acre of mowable grass and a country church yard across the road that might be about 3/4 acre to mow. I’ll also probably start to take over the mowing at our own small country church yard. Then there’s a small and a bigger residential yard in a nearby town that are both owned by a fella that I do some yard work for that I hope to mow next year Lord willing. So hopefully a total of about 3 acres to mow with my new mower. Kevin was telling me about a customer of his that has a MZ42 and uses it commercially (the customer just can’t upgrade right now). It has held up except for items breaking or needing replacing that would not be an issue on a commercial unit. I asked about the EZT hydros on that customers unit and Kevin said they have been holding up so far. Of course I don’t plan on using mine commercially, but it sounds like these mowers are pretty tough.

    I’ve read lots about the good and bad about Briggs engines and my personal experience with them has been good so far. I think I’m going to like getting the MZ48 for the 26hp twin over the 21hp single on the MZ42. I haven’t time to mow yet, but I have driven around the yard and the 48” deck fits everywhere. I tried driving on my slope/bank (that I posted pictures of in this thread:, and I can handle it. I’m not to proud to say that it took a few passes along the slope to catch on and I did slide down to the bottom a few times…I didn’t panic…but not a nice feeling :). Being able to extend the control arms is nice…again for my long legs. I also like the guard/plate around the engine area. I wanted a hour meter so I ordered one along with the mounting bracket. I like that the one Kevin got is a tach and hour meter. He modified a better mounting bracket for the meter and it looks clean and factory installed. I will say that I do like the space allowed for the optional hour meter on the Sports console, but to me it’s a minor detail. I might have to turn my head a little more to read the meter on my MZ, but again it’s a minor detail to me. I think the optional meter on the Sport reads the hours only…someone correct me if I’m wrong. One other thing I like is that the mower came with blades that have the Fusion technology in the cutting edge where the blade is supposed to stay sharper longer than standard blades...I guess I'll find out. Hopefully in a day or so I can get out and mow the little bit of grass that is left from the drought-like conditions we've been having lately…probably be the last mow. As I was driving around the yard and the trees, it sure was nice to circle the trees tightly compared to the lawn tractor. As they say here in the South…I don’t know how to act with this new mower :).

    This mower purchase was more than I had planned for (and earlier than I planned)…money wise…but with a lot of prayer, the deal that Kevin offered, and the financing that I was able to get, I was able to do it. Even though I haven’t actually mowed with it yet…I believe I made a good choice for me and my wallet. Can’t wait to actually mow with it!

    Here’s some pics. I have more, but I don’t want to bore y’all :).


    100_4498_LS (Small).JPG

    100_4505_LS (Small).JPG

    100_4509_LS (Small).JPG

    100_4517_LS (Small).JPG

    100_4518_LS (Small).JPG
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    Hey Kevin,

    Great looking Bad Boy!!! Lots of satisfied BB customers on Lawnsite.
    I wouldn't worry one bit with the Briggs engine. Take care of it and it should last many years!!
    Great pictures. Congratulations on the new ride!!
  3. saw n mow

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    Thank ya Blue!

  4. saw n mow

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    Couple more pics I thought needed to add:

    100_4495_LS (Small).JPG

    100_4468_LS (Small).JPG
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    Way to go!! Looks like a great mower, best of luck with it. Great job on the write up! I am sure that you will have many many years of dependable service with the MZ. Pretty cool that you got it from retrodog, I have read lots of his post and he seems to be a good guy. Well enjoy the cutting, I am sure you are havin a ball. I remember my first couple of weeks with my first Z, it was a whole new game. I mean did you ever think in you life you would look forward to cutting the lawn???

    I also wanted to add that I have the same Tach/hour meter. It came with the unit. I think it is cool to see the RPM's, but something I really have no need for, but I guess it is good for mechanical reasons if needed. I also like the twin Briggs, I don't know why so many are afraid of this engine? It is a good engine, I mean any engine can break down. I have heard my fair share of Honda and Kawi problems, so it is a crap shoot with any engine, just keep em tuned and they will treat you good. I service my engine once a season and I do it in the spring, probably around the 2nd or 3rd cut of the season. I change the fuel filter, airfilter, spark plug. I also drain the oil and change the oil filter and top it off with the proper weight and grade of AMSOIL. I also hit all the grease fittings and top off any other fluids and it is good to go for the season, my season anyway. If you do this everyear, your Briggs will treat you good for many years.

    I have said a few times before that I was going to get the Briggs 26 ELS for the FreedomZ I was looking at a few years ago. It was not a question, I was not going to spend the extra money for a Kawi for roughly 30-40 hours of homeowner use a season. I mean my theory is that if you can get 500+ hours out of these engines, you got your moneys worth and you can just put a new engine in and start all over again.

    So with that, I am glad to hear that you finally got your mower. I was happy to see your post tonight, congrats :clapping:

    I will also add that if you could maybe add some photo's in the homeowner ztr and equipment page and a little story and info on your machine, it would be appreciated. This really helps future homeowners searching for equipment and it is always nice for them be able to ask you questions and opinions on your equipment.
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    Congratulations..........great looking mower! Sounds as though you've done your homework & have made the best choice for you. I personally love the looks of the Bad Boy mowers.
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    I like machines...especially ones that I have to drive. You nailed it with the 'new game'. I'm thinking that I won't have enough grass to mow next year! :)

    I agree on the use of the tach for mechanical use. In heavy grass I would like to see what the RPM's are for curiosity. I will be doing what you do each Spring also as for maintenance. I will be checking my air filter before each mow (as well as the oil level) because I have some areas that are kind of bare and will create quite a bit of dust.

    Yep, for my use, I'm sure the Briggs will last me a long time.

    Thanks. I want to post useful info on this mower to help somebody else who might be shopping for a mower in this 'class'. So I'll add some more pics and info to that thread after I get at least one mow on the MZ...which should be about the first part of next week. It took me some searching online to find pics and user input on the MZ's when I was researching. Maybe I can make it a little easier for somebodies research. And...I'm not saying that I would be trying to sway someone one way or the other...just to provide info.

  8. saw n mow

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    Thanks. I'm glad the 'homework' is done! I was driving myself crazy (and my wife)! I would talk to my wife about what I wanted and I changed my mind a bunch of times. Eventually she didn't want to hear about another 'change of mind' and just said to let her know when I was going to actually buy one. :)

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    Congrats kevin now go have some fun but be careful on the slopes richard
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    Thanks Richard. If I keep my head in the game and keep the nose pointing up enough when mowing the slope, I'll be alright.

    BTW, did you get my last PM?


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