Got my new echo SRM-3020 in today!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TDzacslawncare, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. TDzacslawncare

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    All other brands take note, Echo is coming hard with this trimmer, really hard! If it holds up like my 2620. Every trimmer on the trucks might just be this trimmer. At 12.1 lbs it weighs the same as most 4-mix. It says it has 1.7hp which is just below fs131r which I own and dislike mostly because of multiple reliability issues I’ve had. First impression of machine, less vibration than 2620, and one smooth power delivery, that seems to hold its tourqe very well top to bottom. 10,500 rpm and 20 inch guard. Bout time. Will absolutely provide feed back. Best initial impression of a trimmer I have had in many years. Thank you for stepping up the game!
  2. JayinKs

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    At 12lbs I’ll pass. Not that it’s prob not a good trimmer. But for everyday work I wouldn’t want a trimmer that heavy. Does it have its place? Sure! But, I’m thinking for the cc’s and weight it’s an overgrown property trimmer. For weekly and biweekly I’ll take a 25cc trimmer that weighs around the 10lb mark.
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  3. OP

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    fully understand about the weight, overall we have found it takes a more skilled operator to run the, high powered light weight machines and not scalp or dip when grass consistency changes from thin to thick. the 11.5 -12 lb machines typically do not react as much at the head because of the mass of the machine and newer operators make way fewer mistakes vs the hyper light weight trimmers. They can almost just carry the machine at the correct angle an it does all the work. At least for us it works that way.
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  4. Highland79

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    very interesting. Didn't know Echo was gonna bring a beast out. Disatisfied with Redmax since Husqy takeover, been buying echo products and happy so far. This looks promising, my favorite beast is an old redmax 3001. 5 seasons hard daily use and it's only starting to lose power.
  5. OP

    TDzacslawncare LawnSite Member
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    Think This week was first release, week.
  6. Jmcculler

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    Really wanted to go with echo for all my handhelds this year. Bought 2 fs131s, br700, 110 stick edger and a handheld blower from stihl instead. The local dealer is just terrible. Had old models on the shelf and didnt want to order the models I wanted, even after I told him I would pay the extra shipping. Then after I told him I would he said he would have to order 10 of the same thing at a time. Just didnt want to sell anything and if the sale is that hard I could only imagine what service is like.
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  7. hort101

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    Probably makes more profit from the stock stuffpayup:wall
  8. jonnyz37

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    A 12 pounds trimmer ? Pass
  9. ed2hess

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    Screenshot (19).png
  10. Jmcculler

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    I didnt get the one with handle bars, drops it to 12.1lbs I think. I am a pretty fast trimmer so I had rather have the extra power. Hold a 9lbs trimmer for 20 min or a 12 lbs one for 10 min. For me personally, I had rather have and need the power for the properties that I have. Do have 1 lightweight husqvarna on the truck for when the job allows for it.
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