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Got My New Toy Today!!!

kory landscaping

LawnSite Member
Well, I pickup my new mower today, 20hp walker ghs, took it to the shopping center parking lot to practice driving it (Yes, the center has an empty corner section). I can't believe I didn't buy this mower 3 years ago.The Handling is great.

Kory Landscaping


LawnSite Senior Member
Hey Cory, never heard of you in the area. Where do you do most of your work? I'm getting a lot of commercials in Mentor and I do a lof of scattered residentials and I also am about to sign on 7 apartment complexes. I take it you bought the machine from bob over at Four Seasons right. I demoed their 26hp model in the fall for cleanups and it's a beast. Hope you like your new machine. Also, if you are looking to give up any commercials, I might be interested. Thanks again.