Got my new truck tires today

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Got the new Toyo rib tires for my truck what a difference they make for steering. I knew there was something wrong with the Bridgestones ever since I bought those R250s. The Toyos balanced with far less weight the tire shop said they balanced good. The Bridgestones needed double the lead to balance them out.

    Anybody looking for steer tire or all position tire for a F-450 F-550 or any truck that uses 225/70R19.5 F rated tires I would say the Toyo M109 is a good choice.

    The first thing I noticed no more pulling in the wheel and the bouncing has stopped and no longer.

    Good so far lets see if the Toyos get past the 20,000km (12428mile) mark.
  2. Construct'O

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    I drive a lot of gravel roads(sorry Gravel Rat!). I couldn't get much over a years use with others and they would be shot.I went with narrower tires and size smaller and they was Toyo.

    They are going over a year and a half old and getting pretty wore but still going,altho with that said my helpers drive one flat trying to get back home before dark and quiting time so that one didn't hold up:)

    They have done good ,but they quit making them ,as usual they must have lasted to long.:rolleyes::usflag:
  3. dozerman21

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    I don't know how the heavy truck tires are, but I've been real happy with my Toyo M/T's on my pickup. I think they make a good tire.

    I'm also in need of some steer tires for my low boy tractor. They are 11R/ 24.5 size. I've only checked with one local place and they wanted $725 for 2 Sumatomos mounted. They want $945 for 2 Goodyears mounted. Both prices seem high, but I haven't bought steers in a couple of years. Any thoughts?
  4. Construct'O

    Construct'O LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Sw Iowa
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    Dozerman the price of tires have shot up! I got two 18.4x16.1 Firestones for my trencher they was close to $1200.

    Then went to Goodyear dealer and bought a couple 285/75R24.5 tires for the rear of the truck tractor they was rough tread and they was 660.88 + some tax.They have road hazard!!!!!!!!

    Need more ,but going to wait just a little longer.Know they won't get cheaper,just need more cash:):usflag:
  5. dozerman21

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    You're not kidding. I recently bought 4 tires for the back axle of my low boy trailer size 215/75R-17.5. $750 for a brand I have never heard of. They are 16 ply though. If they hold up O.K. maybe I can afford the front axle next year!:cool2:
  6. Gravel Rat

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    I have had good luck with the M-55 Toyo on my F-Superduty truck I had and used Toyo tires before.

    The Michelins are way over priced and they don't wear as good. I would have tried Yokohoma but they have a smaller diameter than the others.

    The one thing about the Toyos the have sipes so the wet weather traction should be better the Bridgestones had very little sipes so hydroplaning and unpredictable on wet roads.

    The best thing of all the front end of the truck doesn't viberate anymore and no more out of the blue tire thumping. When your driving along the Bridgstones would just start bouncing.
  7. GradeMan

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    What do you think of your truck garvel rat?
    Any problems with her?
    How many km????:canadaflag:

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