Got my pre order today

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    Got my pre order today. It feels good to know that I know where my cost will be. Got this years pricing. Hope everyone is prepared for a price hike! Money is money good luck guys.
  2. rcreech

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    Good job Rabbit!

    Feels good doesn't it?

    I think it will be one of those...sit back, put your seat belt on and watch!

    Actually talked to my supplier this morning and the product I purchased in July (13-0-0 25%SCU with Dimension) has gone up $2 a bag.

    Do the math on 40 Ton!

    Btw...I think 3-Way/Triplet is getting ready to take a pretty big hike too. I am stocking up on it also! They are thinking a buck or two a gallon after Jan 1.

    Not a big hike...but enough to lock in price and cover my interest almost 3 times!

    Just an FYI

    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey Creeh check out the new.ddupont product.
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  4. rcreech

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    Actually set in on a meeting on Imprelis today and it sounds like it is going to be an awesome tool to use.

    A little pricey for me for the most part but we will have it on the trucks for those "more challenging" lawns!

    I am just excited to know that we should have Tenacity on the truck come spring! That is going to be the big one for us!

    It is going to be a key product for spring seedings!
  5. sprayboy

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    Got a flyer for a meeting about this today, can't wait to go in early December.
    4.5 oz acre use
  6. Puttinggreens

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    Rodney, what is the latest you have heard on Tenacity?
  7. lukemelo216

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    Be careful with imprelis. Read the label. It states that it cant be sprayed within 5 feet of any landscape or ornamental beds (although I hear that is going to change according to the sales rep at the GIE) and you or your customers arent allowed to compost the clippings.

    "On cool season turfgrasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and fine fescue, when applications will not be made within 5 feet of ornamental groundcovers, foliage plants, flowers, trees, shrubs or other desirable plants, IMPRELIS™ herbicide may be applied at
    6 fluid ounces of product per acre."

    "Do not use grass clippings from treated areas for mulching or compost, or allow for collection to composting facilities. Grass clippings must either be left on the treated area, or, if allowed by local yard waste regulations, disposed of in the trash. Applicators must give verbal or written notice to property owner/property manager/residents to not use grass clippings from treated turf for mulch or compost."

    just some food for thought if your going to "keep it on the truck" I know around here a lot of people compost their clippings or throw them on there garden and they cant anymore if you use that.
  8. rcreech

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    I know they said this two years ago...but they think 1st quarter 2011.

    We will see!
  9. rcreech

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    They never mentioned that yesterday...infact the granular is getting just as good of results as liquid and they asked about getting it into flower beds and it was stated that this product would be MUCH SAFER on ornamentals then the Three Way products.

    That would be a waste if you can't trim with it!

    We will use some I am sure...but we will still do the bulk of our applications using Three Way products.

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    I to think that Imprelis will be a great tool but not for total blanket apps on most yards. There always seems to be a tree or flowers some where. And customers don't do what there suppose to do. I have one customer that throws his clippings in the river.

    As far as pre ording Goes I can't get any one to give me a price ?

    Charles Cue

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