Got my Quick 36 today!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kartracer2000, May 15, 2008.

  1. kartracer2000

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    I got my 36 today!!! Went and picked it up and got it together in about an hour between bullsh!tting with friends. Looks good. So, I got the 36 Super duty with the 14.5 Briggs and yes I ordered it with the briggs and no it was not a mistake, lol. Got the step saver and the landscaper package with the grass catcher and belts, blades, and pulleys. Everything came shipped as promised with no missing parts and no damage to the contents.

    I got it all together and it was time to adjust the cutting height. Well, it took me about 4 minutes to adjust it. And, that was my very first time.

    So, I get it together and want to try it out. I mow my neighbor's yard, which, took about ten minutes. After the ten minutes I was a little worried because it was a little harder than I expected. So, I thought about it and I thought maybe it was me and not the machine. I mow my yard which takes about 15 minutes. I changed the way I turned and it was instantly clear that the first ten minutes I was trying to muscle the mower too much. I suspect this is why some people do not like the Quick because of the way they were using it. If you let the machine do it's job it IS easy!!! Decided to change the deck height and it was only about a two minute job, no longer than any other mower. Left a great cut too!!

    I put the step saver on and it takes a little getting used to, but, i like it!

    This is getting long, lol.

    Only two things I adjusted was the bar that the step saver hangs from when its not being used, took two minutes and the deck height another 6 minutes for two changes. I timed myself because of the amount of complaints about it.

    Only thing I do not like about the mower is the hand grips and this is a common complaints I see.

    Overall I love the mower and people should not be afraid to try it out. I'll post some pics and keep you posted on the longer term for the mower.

    pics 023.jpg

    pics 027.jpg

    pics 024.jpg
  2. kartracer2000

    kartracer2000 LawnSite Member
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    Oh yeah only thing I wish it came with besides different hand grips is a couple of stickers for the truck and trailer!

    Other than that thank you to the people at Better for making a great American product!!!!!!!
  3. Danielslawnservice

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    go lil' girl go lol
  4. deere615

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    looking good, thats the exact mower I have
  5. Roger

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    If I took six minutes to make two deck height changes, I would complain too.

    What makes it so difficult and time consuming?
  6. kartracer2000

    kartracer2000 LawnSite Member
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    I'm not complaining about it I thought 6 minutes total for two changes the VERY FIRST time was pretty good. I'll get faster no doubt, but, people do complain about how hard it is and I actually thought it was quite easy to change the height. Sure, it's not as easy as pushing a button like on my ZTR, but, it's not as hard as others have said.:)
  7. LawnCuttingPro

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    I eould spend the extra money for a dual hydro type Walkbehind.

    The single hydro type has limitations.
  8. kartracer2000

    kartracer2000 LawnSite Member
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    Yes we all know that. And, I'm not arguing that, we all know that a dual hydro costing twice as much can handle a sideways hill better than a single hydro. All I'm saying is I got a Quick and so far I am happy and I'll keep everyone posted on the long term of it.

    Here's tomorrows test for it.:)

    pics 016.jpg
  9. Houstonguy

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    my quick 36 is coming in tomorrow. I got the samurai. I only got the mulching kit and service kit. I was impressed with the shipping I ordered tuesday night and its getting here tomorrow (friday). I cant wait!!
  10. LawnCuttingPro

    LawnCuttingPro LawnSite Member
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    Try going side to side on that and then trade it for a Dual Hydro.

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