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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by gavinslawncare, Apr 2, 2012.

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    It does a good job of letting people know what you do. The home page is very clear and easy to navigate- I like that. Some of the sentences on the home page are a bit lengthy. Avoid run on sentences. Other than that, looks good!
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    Site looks good so I'll just jump in to the problems I see.

    To echo headz77, you should spend some time and go through and tighten up the copy, especially the punctuation.

    As for the SEO, either you, or your site developer is walking a very slippery slope...

    - You are walking a very fine line of keyword stuffing and could quite likely pay the price for it. Your TITLE, META DESCRIPTION tags, H1s, and even page names are virtually identical to each other. Add into that the footer copy, and sub-footer copy(?), and you've mentioned your service area 4 to 6 times per page.

    - Related to the above, this is a bit much for a page name and is nothing but pure stuffing. As an example, this is your "about us" page:


    and your "lawncare" page:


    In fact, it seems all your pages follow the same naming convention, where the only difference for some is changing the way "landscapes" is written (landscape/landscaper/etc). There is nothing intuitive about them and search will take note of this.

    - The various H tags need tightened up, and should be more useful than more location keywords. Here are the tags from your Lawncare page:

    <H1>: Lawncare
    <H2>: Lawncare Landscaping | Streator, IL
    <H4>: Landscaping Services:

    - The background of your logo banner seems like an oddly-placed afterthought (the gray bubbles) and don't fit the rest of the site. It would also not have the pixelating/graininess around your logo if the original is saved as a .png file. .jpg format doesn't work well with flat colors.

    - "Digital Imaging" connotes photography and, until I clicked the page, thought you maybe were advertising a side business. As a great service, I'd find a better way to market it by using words that infer the reality of doing digital mock-ups for people.

    I understand that the SEO issues I pointed out, specifically the location stuffing, was done by design. If it was the web company you hired, I would not be all. If you did it, I wish you the best of luck. A few years ago, sure it would work. But search is significantly more advanced and will probably view your site's content with a bit of a red flag waving.
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