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    I'm repairing and renovating a sprinkler system for a landscaper friend. She asked me if I could tap into the mainline and set a ball valve for her pond being built. (no problem there) Then asked me if I could put a float in to maintain water level. (problem never done that) I'm thinking of using the pool style fill with the float in an external pit but what do you suggest and where can I get it online?
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    Find a pond retailer in the area and ask for an auto fill valve. It goes into the skimmer and works like your toilet. It can be tapped into the irrigation system or can be attached to a faucet on teh outside of the house.
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    i've personally done somthing a little different that i think works well. i bought some float switches that work just like a float valve and wire them inline w/ an irrigation valve, you therefore get a bigger fill and since you're filling is also based on clock time no chance of running up too high a water bill if something causes a leak.

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