Got NEW LAWN at seasons END!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike's All Season Service, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Mike's All Season Service

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    Has anybody been getting new lawns at the end of the season i just picked up another one today. the lawn is about 3000-4000 sq. ft. at most and the guy says he payed the last guy 75-80 dollars for it. Regular MOW, TRIM, BLOW thats it.

    I am really weary when i get an account from another lawn care company this late in the season.
    I mean we only have about 5-6 CUTS left in the year, But he said he would pay me up front every time i came out in cash. so i guess thats a good sign.

    any thoughts?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Depends what his reason was for changing lawn services. We've picked up 3 new ones this month from another service (the same service used on all 3 btw), because each customer was tired of the rutting and dirt in certain areas due to operator error. All 3 were legitimate reasons why the customer was changing service as was evident by the poor condition of the turf. Why did your customer say he was changing to you?
  3. Splicer

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    I just gave up some lawns due to time restrictions...Not bad...and cash IS...king...
  4. topsites

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    I dunno, it's not always been a bad experience but as a rule I learned over the past 5 years that once the temps hit 90 (which is in June), I don't pick up no more 'all-season' grass customers, I just don't do it anymore.

    For one I got my share of funny people who really just needed someone to cut the grass in the 102+ temps (Jul-Aug) and then come September suddenly their grass isn't growing anymore and they drop me (this did NOT happen to me this year, Wooo HOOO).

    But in your case, it's too late for that.

    So then it has further been my experience it's almost always the fact that someone needs a fall guy (read: leaves!). See, the smart section of the late bloomers has come to realize that IF they can slide themselves onto some Lco's schedule late in the season, now they got themselves someone to do their leaves... Gee hon, what say you pay Lco for 2-3 cuts and then we got someone to deal with the leaves?

    Only time will tell, but more than a few times have I picked up a new 'year-round' customer this late in the season, got to cut the grass 2-3 times (maybe 4), then the leaves came down and I got to bust my tail on that and come next spring, it was over for one reason or another, they no longer needed my services (ohhh but they solemnly swore up and down that it was year-round and ohhh my work was sooo good and all that crap).

    Again it's not all bad, I do have a few I picked up late in the season in years past that are still on my schedule today, but after more than a few of the above, I decided to save myself some aggravation.

    So, no more new grass customers once the temps hit 90 (yup, in June).
    Which goes hand in hand with: Leaves are done first and foremost for customers that have been with me at least ALL year (this rule actually came first, and promptly took care of one of the above scenarios (the exception were the 1 or 2 who were actually willing to pay the FULL price I ask for when I do leaves (most are not willing))).
  5. dtelawncare

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    I picked up a new one last Saturday. House across the street from a customer just sold and new owner doesn't have time to cut it.
  6. Jnamo

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    Being that your in Mich. I have had a few calls from people saying that their guy quit coming out. It has been raining so much and the grass is growing like crazy that some just can't catch up. They called him and he said he just can't do it anymore...he is too far behind. I have several customers whose lawns are growing 4-6 inches per week. It is nuts cutting these lawns. They need to be cut twice a week but they wont go for it.
    Hope all works out for you, Jeff
  7. cl&l c.c. Tx

    cl&l c.c. Tx LawnSite Member
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    I was gonna start the same thread. I picked up 4 more accounts over the last couple days. Just out of nowhere these people called, all were referals from other customers though. So I guess I'm doing something right. It makes no sense to me, I didn't hardly pick up anymore work all summer now that its starting to cool off i get 4?? Whatever I'm not complaining I'll take it!!!!
  8. daveintoledo

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    we have the same weather... and ive gotten a couple this week like dtelawncare said, new buyers.....
  9. WJW Lawn

    WJW Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    wait...i screwed below oops
  10. WJW Lawn

    WJW Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It has been a weird week for me too!! I have a very good customer base already...but obviously newbies slowed down...which was fine....then comes the LAST week of September! A boomin week in lawn care??? Im not talking aeration or seeding...but MOWING! lol

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