got our 1st nutcase today

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Thats what you think. There are some vets that will blame it on the pesticides just like the homeowners.

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    No problem, feel free to use it as you wish. I consider it a good pre-emptive strike against worrysome customers first and neighbors second.

    Keep us posted on the outcome of your problem.
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    Fortunately I have an honest vet. We treat his clinic (except fenced-in back yard). We treat his office, his home, and his parents' lawn. We also treat the lawn at another vet's dog & cat location......also excluding their fenced-in back yard.

    It''s kinda nice to know that doctors of veterinary medicine respect "facts" instead of "total crap" + who knows what???? that some ignore. Seems some customers/neighbors "dream stuff up"...then place blame on lawn care professionals??????? Prob is: they NEVER confirm anything at all, they just throw out a "guess" attempting to accuse lawn guys.. I say, "F&ck them".
    I'm a member of 2 animal rights organizations. I feed the squirrels. I feed the birds. I feed the raccoons, etc as well. Got a red-tail hawk nest nearby too which I fought local county zoning in order to protect them, and I won. Anybody have an easy way to throw out Roundup grenades on assh&le people that are full of bullsh&t?

    I think it's time to 'return the favor'.:usflag:

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    I will not take jobs if either the client or the neighbors are uncooperative. Today, a landscaper friend wanted me to assess a landscape that had weeds in the lawn and a severe pest problem on the hibiscus. Normally, I say no problem. However, the homeowner is a vegetarian who does not want pesticides used under her citrus trees growing in the lawn. I told my friend, if what I am using on the lawn is absorbed by the trees, the trees are dead. Secondly, what is normally necessary for hibiscus with a pest problem is a rotation of Avid, Talstar, Sevin, Orthene and Merit. Ultrafine oil or Neem oil is only good as an adjuvant for those pesticides. Alone, the insects and mites are back as soon as I have put away the spray gun. Unfortunately, vegetarian=chemical nazi here. People cannot have it both ways. A little observation here. The people that were not born in Hawaii tend to give me the most problems about what I do. The locals are really cool about it, they know what it is like to be invaded by weeds and insects from hell.
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    Be nice if you had applied fert the day before...nice "slow release" feeding. Couldn't ask for a better way to feed the lawn!!!
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    I'd have to agree with greendoctor. It's better to loose a customer than to see my "ugly mug" on the 10pm news. Several years ago one of my techs was followed around a yard by an upset neighbor with a video camera. Ended with cops, news people, bad scene. Take my word for it, walk away dude, walk away!!! If your customer wants you back, let them straigten the neighbor out
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    Right now, as long as I am applying correctly and maintain my certification, no one from the government tries to legislate me out of existence, like what some applicators in other states must deal with. What will change that is when I antagonize a chemical nazi or their chemical nazi neighbor. I do not want to see Hawaii turn into a New York, or Canada. I do not even advertise what I do. I drive an unmarked vehicle that gives no indication of my business. The only people I want to know about me are paying clients. Being on the 10 PM newscast will change that. I remember seeing a damning report about Chemlawn and dogs about 15 or so years ago on 20/20 or 60 Minutes.

    I take every precaution possible to protect dogs and people. I do liquids only and the application is watered in by me before I open the area to nonprotected persons and pets. If it cannot be watered in due to the nature of the application, everyone stays off the grass for 24 hours. In the early 90's when Diazinon, Dursban and Turcam were allowed or residential turf, I would impose an 48 hour period. When I spray trees and shrubs, neighbors downwind are notified to close their doors and windows, as well as keeping EVERYONE inside. I regulate myself, lest the chemical nazis take it upon themselves to regulate me according to their agenda. Do you think they give a F$%^ about a nice lawn or healthy shrubs? Everything revolves around their health and what they perceive to be a threat to it. Weeds and insects can take over as long as there is no spraying.
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    Ok GD you caught me. Guess it was about 15 years ago when I was a CS Manager for CL. Never new it made National News. Wow. I don't know if dogs were involved but....maybe. I too am very conscientious when apping pesticides. Our industry gets enough bad press as it is without me adding to it.
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    At that time, the issue was dogs, lawn chemicals, and cancer. Having said that, I am insistent that dogs and people stay off of a treated area. Especially if the application contained 2,4-D.
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    Please no offence to you, but I am sick of reading this kind of crap.... Their is NOTHING WRONG with what he used.

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