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got our 1st nutcase today

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Hissing Cobra

    Hissing Cobra LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 705

    I've run into a few nutjobs during my time in the Green Industry too. One in particular stands out. This lady had cancer and was convinced it was caused by lawn/tree chemicals. It didn't matter that her lawn, trees or shrubs had never been taken care of. Unfortunately, I had to treat her neighbor's property ACROSS the street and her other neighbor's property next door. Whenever I was to be on her street, I had to call her beforehand and let her know that I was going to those properties the following day. Well, I called and left a message because she didn't answer her phone.

    The next day, I show up to apply Fertlizer/Merit to each lawn and all hell breaks loose. First, this guy comes down the road on a golf cart and sits there watching me do my job. I even said "Hi" to him because I had no idea who he was! The next thing I know, his wife is on the phone calling my company and the cops. She told my boss that I didn't call her in advance, which is a LIE because left a message on her answering machine the night before. She then starts yelling out the window that I'm poisoning the entire community and other nasty things. Her husband then comes out to talk to me and I can hear my Nextell phone going crazy. I excuse myself and it's my Boss, who wants to talk to me about the proper way to do things with this nutjob. I explain that I did call but still get taken to task and am told to NOT do any property on that road unless I actually talk to her beforehand-no more messages are to be left on her answering machine. The husband is still waiting, so I go to talk to him and he's quite upset. I let him vent for about a minute and then let him know that I had a job to do that I was getting paid for and that I had to go and finish it. With that, I went on my way - to the neighbor's house next door.
  2. redbuckcavs

    redbuckcavs LawnSite Member
    from indiana
    Messages: 135

    Calm down!!! I try to gain alot of knowledge by reading this forum on a daily basis. I just wanted to know why so much N was used ,especially if a " winterizer" was used late last Fall (I realize I have no ideal what rate was being applied)

    How can you claim "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WHAT HE USED if you have no ideal the situation either. If you apply a 1.5 N in late Fall and a 31% N again at 1.5 in MARCH then I believe there is something wrong (I do know a local competitor that does this )
  3. Frank Fescue

    Frank Fescue LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 713

    one lady told me i was putting down cancer causing chemicals. (it was actually play sand only as i dont like her very much) and i told her to prove it to me. she got all defensive and we got into a fist fight. i wound up going through her purse and taking some gum and a few bucks for lunch. heck,she lost the bet afterall.
  4. mngrassguy

    mngrassguy LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,167

    You didn't light a cig and blow smoke in her face too? I hope you r just joking....:hammerhead:

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