Got robbed today.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by CommercialSnow, May 4, 2011.

  1. CommercialSnow

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    Had an excellent morning. Moving along the route very quickly and we had hit our rhythm. Showed up at our next location and there was construction next door That had begun since the last mow. Upon mowing the back part of the yard noticed a bunch of bricks that were spilled all over and since there was a lot of them I called my other guys over to help clear them.

    Not more than 6 minutes later one of the guys goes back to the truck to find a stihl weed whacker, a honda trim mower, and an echo bush trimmer gone from our trailer. we were no more than 70 yds away from the truck and none of us saw anyone come near the truck, we were all just working hard clearing the bricks. luckily someone saw a blue van stop and steal the stuff and they got the plate numbers. hopefully they find the guy. Moral of the story, Lock up everything, everytime. We turned our back for 6 minutes and lost about 1400 worth of equipment.
  2. TuffWork

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    I hate hearing stories like this. My rule of thumb is if you can have someone still working in the front when the others (or other one in my case) is working in the back.
  3. Hell on Blades

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    I feel for you. I had a trimmer and blower stolen while eating dinner at a place 2 minuted from Mom's house.

    Not that the stuff they got had that much value, but replacing it was $450.
  4. Curtis

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    I lost a Red Max Ebz 8000 2 weeks ago, thieves took it out of the back of the truck, police took the report and said they would check the pawn shop. The economy must really be bad all over. I've got the biggest cow chain and locks I could find now. Maybe pit bulls chained to the trailer are next. The deductable on the insur. was too high to mess with. Everybody should take a closer look at your security tomorow when you load up in the morning. Good luck
  5. G. Ramey

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    There was a guy around here last year would follow trucks with mowers and wait til the operator went to the back yard and steal any loose equipment off the trailer. He hasn't been caught yet.
  6. 944own

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    that sucks man I hope you get your stuff back.
  7. HitchC&L

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    I feel for you, My father's cabinet shop was broken into and they walked away with 50K+ of equipment.

    The worst part of it was it was an ex employee, and the police couldnt "find" him.

    The police didnt do any investigation so we did some of our own, we told them who was responsible for it. The police wouldnt pay for a lie detector test so we wrote the check, they brought him in and he refused the test........they LET HIM GO

    Ask me how much respect I have for the local police.

    Justice will find this man, but it wont be handcuffs he'll be worried about

    I hope you recover your stuff, and I hope the police does better for you than they did for us.
  8. chuacro

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    I was blowing leaves last fall using a back pack and hand held combo. The hand held ran out of gas. I set the back pack down about 25 ft from truck and went to fill hand held. A young guy walked past me on the sidewalk. Once past me he took off like a running back and scooped up the back pack and took off. I ran after him throwing everything I could pick at him. This old man was gaining ground on him running with the back pack until he ran around some hedges and a car was waiting on him. They had a good plan. All I have to say is try it again know you mfer
  9. Will P.C.

    Will P.C. LawnSite Senior Member
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    The handtools are easy to steal. Not to mention they are easy to offload at a pawn shop for a thief.

    Check craigslist as well.
  10. Flatop

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    Sorry for your loss, hopefully you can keep us abreast on the perps. Glad someone had written down the plate #'s.

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