Got screwed by local W & F company.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowerMoney, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. MowerMoney

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    I don't have my applicators licence so I subcontracted to a local Weed & Feed company. Gave them 8 lawns for spring & fall ferts only plus 2 complete service properties. I instructed them to NEVER send a bill to MY customers and that "I am their customer" so send the billings directly to me. Of course I marked up their price to the lawn owners for making the calls and arrangements.

    So guess what they did? that's right. They sent invoices to my customers. The one full service client calls and says he will pay it direct himself. So now I am beat for the 20% markup fee that I was charging. AND the customer is now looking for someone who can cut and apply the ferts and sprays themselves (he says that they don't make me look very good with their screw ups as they also took almost 3 weeks to get me a price on this property), so I stand a good chance to totally lose on this $1000.00 per year cutting account.

    The other full service client calls and says he got an invoice for the first fert app and weed control AND that it states that they are PAST DUE. Funny thing is, I've already paid for them. Now he also sees what they would be charging if he ordered it himself.

    I've already cancelled all the properties that I gave to this W & F company except for one cause I want them back to re-apply the weed control as it did not work very well. Then I will also cancel this one.

    I won't mention the company's name but they are VERY well known both in the USA and Canada.
    This winter I will be getting my applicators licences. Seems I gotta learn the hard way.
  2. SodKing

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    Serves you right for hiring Death-lawn...
  3. Runner

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    Scam-Lawn/ Tru-brown.
  4. trimmasters

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    US and Canada? Im guessing Weed Man?
  5. Ed Ryder

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    You should put the issue in writing and send it to a leader in that company. Detail the resolution that you want.

    If they do nothing, write again. And add pressure.

    Step 3 - ultimatum letter

    Step 4 - final warning

    Then you enter the jihad phase.
  6. grass-scapes

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    The company probably did it on purpose to gain a larger customer base and keep you from becoming the new competition. I had a local lco offer to do all my weed and fert apps, but, the logistics are not easy, and I can make much more doing it myself. I already had the licenses required, so I bought the equipment.
  7. promower

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  8. AL Inc

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    I had the same thing happen when the company doing my ferts sold to Chemlawn...they did that twice to me, in addition to many other ridiculous things. Never again, I do my applications in house now.
  9. MowerMoney

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    You guys guess pretty good.

    JustALawnGuy, That's exactly what I intend to do. Just don't have the time to put the letter together yet.

    Further to my story, I spoke with the guy who I originally set all these up with, told him that I had sent a check to pay for the customer who also got billed for the same (before I found out that the cust had ALSO sent a check for the SAME app.), so he says that they will return the check to me. Like I was going to trust them now? So I put a stop payment on that check. When I called to see if they returned it yet, that guy no longer works for them and no one else knows anything about it. Big Surprise.
  10. brucec32

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    You said it yourself, 20% of the relatively small revenue from apps is never worth it if it winds up costing you 100% of even one $1,000+ a year mowing contract. What's your take per account per year marking up another company's work 20% , $30 bucks? Whoopee.

    I'd gladly do w/o that pittance in return for not having to worry about the weeds, diseases, and insects that afflict lawns.

    Just give them an approved list of reputable applicators to use as a service and let them deal with the problems.

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