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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by goodmatt78, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. goodmatt78

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    The few irrigation system quotes I got were all over the place. $4000 - $7000. They all used similar equipment and all spec for 8 zones. Actually, the lowest quote does Lots of work in my neighborhood and is always around. They also spec'd significantly more heads than the other quotes and design for head to head coverage (32 ft spacing).

    Anyway, my municipal supply varies all over the place. Current readings are 42-45 psi statically, but last summer they were around 60. I am having the city look into this, but no success yet.

    None of the contractors recommended a booster pump, but I don't know how they plan to run 6+ heads per zone on only 40psi. I have a 1inch supply, 3/4 through house and 5/8 meter. I have a non-restricted utility faucet coming off a 1/2 inch line and I got 12 GPM.

    If I end up doing a booster pump, I was thinking variable speed would be the way to go, then I read on here that Davey Torrium is recommended.

    Thoughts on controller base vs. Flow switch base?

    I was originally looking at something like the Goulds Variable Speed Constant Pressure Booster Pump.

    Additional thoughts or info I should look into?

  2. irritation

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    Question 1
    Have you noticed how those yards look during the hot summer months and have you talked to any of your neighbors? Your pressure readings do seem quite low.
  3. goodmatt78

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    Yes, most lawns on my street look like golf courses. Most people have no idea how many heads they have in each zone and my yard is larger than most (more zones).

    The installer I chose has done many lots in my neighborhood and one house ($$$$) has 30 zones. He seems very knowledgeable and I hate to 2nd guess anyone. I guess I can always add the booster after if necessary....

    This pump looks interesting....
  4. irritation

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    You don't want a booster pump unless it's absolutely necessary.
    The cost of the pump and installation.
    Will probably need electrical work by a licensed electrician.
    You will need a RP instead of a PVB backflow preventer.
    Cost of start up and winterization might be higher.
    Depending on location, it could be unsightly and noisy.
  5. Tom Tom

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    How did you measure this? And at what pressure were you getting 12gpm?
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  6. goodmatt78

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    5 gallon bucket method...didnt have a gauge on while doing this test. However.....tonight i did a dynamic test. I have 2 exterior spigots that measure 6-7 gpm. Static 45 psi, 1 on = 40 psi, both on = 32 psi. Gauge was on another spigot.

    I know pgp work at 30 psi with red nozzles and as low as 25 psi with blues. I think i can get away without the booster if i water at night without other demand.
  7. goodmatt78

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    What about if i plumb it for whole house use?
  8. Wet_Boots

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    What about a dedicated curbside water meter? How large is the property?
  9. Mdirrigation

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    If you need a booster for the sprinkler then you need one for the whole house . We never design a irrigation system to work off a booster pump , if one is needed later due to pressure loss we recommend a whole house booster pump . It stays inside out of the weather, the customer benefits all year ,(great showers) and you dont have to add a swing check to avoid creating a vacume on the house side of the booster . we deal with pressure that low all the time , simple 3 heads per zone .
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    boots was takes a DOG to understand the genius of mans conversation.

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