Got several irrigation quotes..questions

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by goodmatt78, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. RhettMan

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    why does a 40 psi drip filter/reg register a static 60 psi ?
  2. Irrigation Contractor

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    The general rule of thumb would be to toss the low and the high then work with the bids in the middle. The company you are leaning towards seems to do allot of work, but I have not seen anything mentioned about the service department capabilities.

    All systems need service and at times emergency service, so that would be a suggestion.

    I have to be honest, with all the questions, posting on a forum plus the concerns you have....If I was the contractor selected I would be the one worried:hammerhead:

    Good luck to you.
  3. goodmatt78

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    Service was the 1st and main criteria. This contractor is in my neighborhood daily.

    Sorry you feel this way.

    If your products works.....nothing to worry about....simple. A main criteria for selecting a contractor (for me) is communication. I don't believe there is any excuse not to return a voicemail within 2-3 days. To me the ability to accept someone is paying a lot of money and wants ensure that money is well spent seems to be trumped by inconvenience. Heck a lot of contractors go over the edge but only when business is slow...then forget it. My experience is more with general contractors in this example.

    I had two quotes that I turned down prior to receiving a quote. One showed up Sunday after I initially spoke with him 6 weeks ago and told me the weather was finally nice enough to walk my yard. :rolleyes:

    Another one said he finished the quote and just had to email it out and spent 2+ weeks trying to figure out how to email. Then couldn't figure out how to snail mail.

    I understand professional communication and global customer service and deal with it everyday. Maybe that is way I have mediocre expectations.

    I am the first one that understands time and convenience. IMO if communication is good and the questions are answered up front, then no reason to hang around during the installation....just let them work.

    Sorry for the long post....I apologize for sounding cranky and I haven't had my morning coffee.
  4. DanaMac

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    There is a difference in doing your homework, and being a nosy pain in the a$$. In my opinion, you're just doing your homework. If you are on the job questioning everything being done, then you're a PITA. Or if you are dictating every component being used or designing it yourself. Once you make the decision, let them fly with it. If it doesn't work, then bust their balls.

    On the other hand, if you're spending weeks and weeks or even months in making a decision on the purchase, you probably should install it yourself. Time = Money.

    I'd stay away from a booster if possible.
  5. goodmatt78

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    Thanks....I agreed to add 2 more zones to the existing quote to be safe as I don't see the city making changes to increase pressure. They are starting shortly.
  6. Kiril

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    IMO, there is nothing wrong with dictating materials or presenting a design, as long as the materials/design are as good or better than the contractor would provide. After all it is their money. Now if you are going to expect the contractor to lower his/her quality of work, then that is a problem. The way I approach it with contractors I hire is I do the work that is above and beyond industry standard work and the overly anal stuff the almost no contractor would do, or we agree to an hourly rate.
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    Most heads are rated for 30 psi. As long as you have 40psi there is no real reason for a booster pump. How many heads on a valve is determined by volume and water velocity. You can get 100 psi in funny pipe but you wouldnt want to put 6 heads on it. A knowledgeable irrigation contractor will know how to design a system. If you said one house had 30 zones on it. Its probably because of low volume. Everyone thinks sprinkler systems are easy to do....but they are the ones with yellow lawns.
  8. mitchgo

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    Well. What gets me for these kind of people is. If your paying someone to do a project.. You would think you know yourself as the PIA person going to dictacte, watch over, control ect.. With that, I would think the mindset of willing to pay a little extra to get exactly what you want and how you want it would be expected.

    If I paid for a project. I would expect to pay a bit more because I know that I will be this pia anal person.

    The problem is there are more PIA bargin shoppers then the ' Hey I'm looking for an economical price but I also want to done good and how I want it '. Yet these bargin shoppers are exactly like the other person just expect the job to be cheap as hell with high quality work.

    That's also a lot of 1 on 1 with that customer .. Working with them - explaining everything, discussing things. Meh!

    I just did a 2 day install. The lady made us lattes and sandwiches both days. The little things keep you chuggin along sometimes!
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  9. Kiril

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    I agree Mitch. No problems working with people who are willing to pay, I do if I expect more than is reasonable. It is those who expect something for nothing that I have a problem with.

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