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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thartz, Apr 7, 2002.

  1. thartz

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    Since being new to the site I have seen many posts on scrubs and I felt people were just being mean but; let me tell you what happened to me to change that attitude. A scrub mows a small commercial account next to mine with a Forrest Gump Snapper once every two weeks. He discharges the grass directly into the street and doesn't blow off the road.I pull up to service my account and ask him nicely if he would like me to blow off the road since he doesn't have a blower and he starts with an attitude and says he'll blow it off with his mower. I finish my account and leave. I get a call from my client saying we didn't blow off our side of the curb line and there is grass everywhere (a big windstorm came that night and blew his grass over to our curbline) so I had to stop dinner to go out to blow his mess away from my account.Sorry so long but I had to vent and my wife didn't quite see why I was so ticked but I knew you folks would.
  2. JET

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    The next time he is mowing that account next to your's when you are there tell him what happened. Ask him politely if he would remove the grass from the street because your customer end up with it in front of their property. And do not forget to mention that you had to leave your family in the middle of dinner to take care of his mess that he left.

  3. thartz

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    JET; I was thinking more the lines of a rocket launcher attached to the front of the WB. Thanks for the reply though;and your right.
  4. MuskTurfKing

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    If I were you next time I saw him I'd have a few choice words....That's time you had to spend at home and you had to drop everything to go fix something that you didn't do. That sucks.

  5. beck

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    A picture is worth a thousand words.
    Take a picture the next time he is finished, with all of the grass clippings in the street One for your property to understand what had happened and two possibly to obtain the other property.
  6. johnhenry

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    I would agree with beck take a picture. But as long as your in this business it will get worse I'm afraid to say:)
  7. mxrdrvr3

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    send him a bill for your services because of the mess he created for your customer that you had clean up on you family time and my family is worth like well lets just say its priceless but none the less I would send him a bill (obviously not expecting to get paid for it) and that will get your point across real quick to him:D
  8. jeffyr

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    I think that if you want to get involved with this guy that may get the job done.

    I personally don't think it is your place to speak to him since you are not the owner of the house across from this dissaster. I agree with taking a picture, but I would give it to the owner of the property that you maintain and explain that he will have to talk to his neighbor about HIS Landscrubber and you can't be responsible for his actions. What this guy does is out of your control--if there is a storm that leaves a big mess and said customer calls you griping do you drop your fork and drive over ? NOPE.....because it was out of your control. Following the same logic, if he gets a blower and blows everything onto the property that you maintain will you go back over during the next dinner with your head held low griping about it.... NOPE.....because it was out of your control.

    See what I'm gettin at ?

    Once your customer points out the sloppy job his guy is doing you should be able to gain him as a customer as well. Everyone likes to keep up with the jones'

  9. mxrdrvr3

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    yes Jeff I do see what your getting at
  10. thartz

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    Thankfully after I pointed out how long the grass blades were that were on the ground my client understood that his grass never would reach this height since we do a weekly mow. He is also a new client so I wanted to reasure him this was not my handywork.The other account is a major lowball deal ( weeds in the beds, trash, unpruned shrubs) so I really don't want it for those reasons alone.It really amazed me a commercial account would let itself go but it is just a small warehouse so they don't really care.The other properties do though.

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