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OK i am on a military base and went playing where i wasn't supposed to. the trail i was on gave way under me and the mud ate the front right end of my 77GMCk15 with np203. anyway i had to call in a few favors and got the engineers out there with a bulldozer(humvee had no traction) and yanked my truck out. the truck was buried so far that the left rear tire was 4+ ft in the air. the dozer pulled from my frame at a weird angle but i see no apparent damage. my concern is the front axle. the steel rod (dont know the proper name)that runs from wheel to wheel just infront of the diff and is connected to the steering mechanisim is smileing at me (bent to hell)when its not supposed to. the rt front wheel is also tilted at an angle to the road. it appears to ride on the outside edge of the tire, it does not wobble. the truck still runs like a champ but is unstable when turning the wheel. please advise the name of the rod and aprox price or will junkyard part do?any further advice on parts i should need to check/replace woukd be greatly appreciated. sorry so longwinded.



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it is the tie rod. yours should have one very short bar on the pass side and a long bar on the drivers side connected by a short sleeve where they meet, correct? and the steering stabilizer should connect to it over by the drivers side end.

assuming this is a proper discription of what you have, LMC Truck has all three parts for a total of about $120 you could also try the local Auto Zone or equivalent and probably get them cheaper, or you could go top of the line and get Moog parts which if i remember right will cost you between $3-400.

i dont know if these parts will cause the tilting in the tire that you describe, but this should get you started. once you get it all fixed,dont forget to get a new alignment

hope this helps

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