Got the brake drums off! Thanks!


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I liked the idea of yanking them off with another truck the best (see the response to my other brake post), but I only have one truck. I ended up borrowing a couple of rather large prybars and a bigger hammer. I must be getting old because I only cussed once, even though I spent about three hours messing around with the thing. The shoes turned out to be barely worn (though soaked from leaking seals somewhere), and the adjuster looked almost new. However, the drum was in pathetic shape. Along with getting that machined, I bought a new spring kit, new shoes, a new seal, and a new wheel cylinder. After I get this side done, I'm just going to go right on over to the other side and get that done. And since I'm back there, I'm going to pulled the rear end cover off to see what I can see (hoping for shiny, clean gears!!).

Anyway, thanks for the ideas, guys! Oh, by the way: Anyone want to come over Saturday evening?? I have an extra prybar for the other side!

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