Got the jobs at higher $$ based on reputation

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Apr 12, 2005.

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    Started working for a local developer 7 years ago. Today we work for 5 different developers doing mowing, bush hogging, yard installs and some landscaping. Today I met with this developer that hired me at the middle of last year because they werent happy with the lawncare co they were using. At first I thought, hmm, they dont like the current lco, they may be a pita or something, but upon arrival of 1st meeting I can see the crap job the current lco did so I got the mowing & bush hogging job despite I was a bit higher. Well upon meeting with them today, they wanted to know if I would be interested in installing 8 lawns and they will have many more in the upcomming season and they wanted a bunch of water runoff ditches gilled & seeded. I gave them my prices and they accepted. They told me that my prices were a bit higher than the guy they have been using, but he went out of business and realized he was too low. They have been told that we are dependable and do a good job and the higher price is worth it to them. Quite a shocker for me because most peoples reaction to higher prices dont go as well (if u know what I mean).
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    Good luck with your new developer. Yes, reliability and quality work do command a higher price IMO...

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