Got to admit, hasn't been bad so far.

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. DMlandscaping

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    It's hard to imagine that it's that different 30 minutes northeast of here, but today and yesterday was terrible here. Also, I was working in Wellington, so no sea breeze, matter of fact, no breeze at all. Just clam humid, and hot. Last I checked it was 92 with 90% humidity. Tomorrow is supposed to be much nicer, with humidity in the 70% range. It gets a bit worse as you get more inland as opposed to the coastal areas. I notice the difference a lot when doing Singer Island. There's always that cool breeze, and it really makes a difference.
  2. Greg78

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    Had one really nice and mild day last week, then back to what we've been getting.
  3. That's the difference, you are out west with no breeze. It is always humid out west vs coast. Friday was weird, humid till about noon, then nice and breezy...I really don't care at this point, we are almost at the home stretch.
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  4. Keith

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    The air has definitely been stagnant in the past few weeks. Mowing on the smaller lakes, most days they have looked like glass. I'm thinking the same thing about it being October, and that cooler air has to be on the way. But looking at the 10-day forecast it doesn't look too promising. Looks like more of the same. I'm trying to convince myself to go do a couple commercials this afternoon. Sure is nice in the A/C though.
  5. Johnagain

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    I was also hoping that the temps would cool down some. I do remember the past 2 years over at Biketoberfest in Daytona that the temps where still in the lower 90's. Looks like it will be much the same this year.

    The good thing it's only 5 more weeks to EOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's gonna be nicer here. Next Sunday is a high of 83...I'm hoping that's a trend going forward meaning temps keep going down. I will be ecstatic if October ends up being high of 80 with lows in the upper 60s....
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  7. Keith

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    Flippin' A! It's 92.3F and humidity of 62%. That's an HI of 107 for those playing along at home. I don't recall seeing a higher heat index this year. This is where it starts really wearing on you. SA was growing about 3" a week last week. This week it's about 4-5". Again, no real relief seen in the 10-day. Maybe an 85F for a couple of days a few days out. I do believe we have only had one night below 70F so far.
  8. BCL Services

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    The heat was nasty today. Come on cold fronts!
  9. williams lcm

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    With the rain and heat grass is growing like crazy. Usually this time a year I can cut Bahia every other week. Weeds are also taking off. This has been 1 long year.
  10. Patriot Services

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    Now we have 40mph winds and torrential downpours. Tomorrow is going to be hot and muggy.
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