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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ribbie78, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. ribbie78

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    One of my customers had me add their mother's house to their account; and it's a postage stamp every other week deal. I've done this for the last month or two and haven't seen any life on the property. I get done riding the back off (about 3 minutes) and as I come to the front 2 swipes I see an old lady in her 90's on the porch waving her cane for me to stop and come over. As I walk up to her she's yelling "What are you doing driving around my back yard?!?..." and I said..."mowing". She looked confused for a minute and looked at the truck, trailer, etc. and said "Oh...I thought you were just driving your 'motorcycle around back there" lol she called my lazer a motorcycle. I told her mowers have changed quite a bit over the years. I had a good laugh once I was in the truck and out of hearing-aide range.

    It reminded me of a thread I read here a year or so ago where someone was mowing and the owner yelled at them saying "I'm on to you!'re only mowing 1/2 the yard..." until he explained that it was the striping effect she was seeing..
  2. Vikings

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    Heheh, that's great! "damn contraptions"
  3. maintenanceguy

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    When I was contracting, I got a call from an elderly lady who said she needed lots of small repairs done in her home. I stopped to see ner the next evening to go over the list and get her a price. She was very confused, had no idea why I was there.

    I explained that she had called me about the repairs. We were standing at the back door and she looked around and found a chipped piece of paint on the door frame and said she needed that fixed. We went inside where she started opening and closing cabinet doors, looking in closets, trying to find something broken for me to fix. She then told me to tell dave he needed to come see her so they could go over the repair list. I don't know who Dave is.

    I graciously thanked her for her time and made an excuse to leave. The house next door had the same last name on the mailbox so I stopped in. Turned out to be her son. I told him the story and he said "Mom" had been getting more and more confused and refused to accept any help from anyone.
  4. hess

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    That's a good one:dizzy: :laugh:
  5. mattfromNY

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    I was pressure washing a deck last summer for an older couple. The man would come out about every half hour to see if I wanted a glass of water, and every time he would ask me 'Is that hose over there mine or yours'. I thought it funny at first, but after the fifth time...
  6. Screamin100

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    While we are on the subject, one of my elderly customers came out and started rambling on about a noise in her house the other night that she couldn't figure out what it was. I went inside and she said this thing was beeping every couple of minutes keeping her awake, so she unplugged it. She showed it to me and can you guess what it was? That's right, it was a carbon monoxide detector that needed new batteries. She is the same one that didn't know how to turn up her thermostat. Her husband always changed the thermostat and he died in the spring. Her husband must not have shown her how to do anything, or she didn't want to know.
  7. barnard

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    I try to be patient with the old folks. And treat them as I would want my folks treated. Dads 93 and moms 89.And I guess I'm old to some @54.
  8. lawnman456

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    just remember we all get old!!
  9. Roger

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    Some of already are there!
  10. dave k

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    Yea my old working buddy would tell me, You keep living, you'll find out. How true.
    Just be polite and remember they could be your Mom or Dad or Aunt or Uncle, been there.

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