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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Oct 6, 2000.

  1. Bassman

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    Started late this summer in this crazy lawn business. I've exceeded my business plan projections and looks like I will be able to support my 14 yr. old son, (single dad), and myself. In 3 months I've saved enough to get by until the new year and managed to sign up app. 50% of yearly accts. needed for a comfortable living during the off season. Not bad for a newbie. With some luck and planning in the so called off-season, I should be o.k. until spring when things will get really interesting. I want to encourage anyone thinking about getting into this biz to go for it if they truly have the ambition to succeed. Don't let anyone discourage you. I have 25 years of business experience so perhaps that helps somewhat. However, put together a business plan, get insured, buy the best equipment you can afford and don't look back. IMPORTANT, keep an extremely accurate ledger. Every penny in and every penny out. You MUST KNOW your income and expenditures and know your financial position at all times. This can not be overstated! There are many people that will tell you that you are nuts and won't be able to make a living doing this kind of work. Bull. It's very hard physically at times and you have to be able to talk to customers on a professional level, but you can make it. I want to especially thank Eric ELM for advice. I don't know how this guy finds time to run a business and also respond to virtually every single question about this biz but he does. Going to Montana for hunting season for the first time in 3 years thanks to this business. Thanks everyone for all the great advice on this website!

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  2. Eric ELM

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    I'm sure glad to hear that your doing so well. I'm also glad to hear that any advice I gave you helped. Good Job Bassman :D
  3. moonarrow

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    Bassman, it was good to read this post, and glad for you and your first season. Your positive attitude is encouraging to us all. I wish you continued growth and good luck with you new found career.
  4. Lawnworks

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    Go Bassman!
  5. Bobby

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    Hey Bassman,Charlotte county probably wont have much of an off season. It barely slows down in Broward county.
    Good to hear your doing well.
    Have you ever been up the Peace river and seen the huge alligators?
  6. MOW ED

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    I have been following your posts from the start and I am very glad to hear things are going well. Continued Good Luck to you.
  7. TGCummings

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    Excellent, Bassman!

    I've been restructuring my business since about the same time as you started yours, due in large part to advice from this forum. Things are going according to plan, and I've gotten rid of a lot of 'dead weight' customers I was more or less paying to allow my service on their property. I can't say I make any more now than I did in July, but I make about the same amount on 15 less hours a week! My wife recognizes me!

    Equipment upgrades are good. Since June, I've upgraded from 21" Toro Proline to 36" Exmark Turf Tracer HP, traded in my walk-behind edger for a space and time-saving stick, and just picked up the trimmer attachment for the Stihl FS85. Another great time-saver!

    Of course there have been other, more subtle changes that have made this town stand up and take notice, and people are always stopping to comment on my operation now. I'm expecting steady growth 'til Spring, then BOOM! :)

    Again, major kudos to you, my Green brother. I've a feeling we'll be sharing many Industry stories in the years to come... ;)


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