Gotprint shenanigans?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kgflyboy, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I had a bad experience with, and I am wondering if this is normal or not. I submitted my order for direct mail postcards, and I received a proof the next day. It looked great, so I approved it. A couple days later, I received a call from my bank telling me a third party had accessed my credit card info from a merchant that ran my card. They didn't tell me which one, but I figure it is gotprint because that is the only place I have used this account in over a month.

    Then, after not hearing anything back from gotpring for two weeks, I got an email from them today. It says they now require people who place credit card orders of more than $400 to fill out a form and email it in. It wants my name and credit card number. That seemed weird enough, but the weirdest part is that they want me to send a scanned copy of my credit card to them. They said I could block out some of the numbers, but that still seems nuts to me.

    Have you guys ever had companies make you do this before? I got pissed and canceled my order. Maybe I overreacted.
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    I use them for everything and there quality/shipping/ printing speed/price is amazing.
    I did a similar mailout through them last year and I had to send a copy of my card and then a copy of my license due to some mixup. Worked out fine after that. No problems then or anytime after that.
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  4. kgflyboy

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    What do you mean? Ever? Or this Spring?

    I'm sending out a few thousand now, and I send out a few thousand later in the spring. I was just trying to use a new company because the price was good. After this, I took my design to another company and am having my postcards sent out through them.

    I have never had a company require copies before, so it seemed kind of sketchy to me. Are you implying this is normal? How many other companies do you know of that require this other than gotprint? I don't know of any, but maybe there are some out there. Usually all I do is input my credit card number, expiration date, hit submit, and it's done. I'm trying to get an idea of how normal this is... and your post did not address my original question.
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    if they want proof of the card, why don't they call and ask for the security number on the back?
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    That's kind of what I figured. It seems unsafe for employees at companies I do business with to have my full account number printed and stored somewhere. Anyone could use it.

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