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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LJ lawn, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. LJ lawn

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    how do any of you deal with customers who demand or get upset if you can't do their lawn on a friday? i have a couple people who just don't understand that sometimes my schedule doesn't or the weather doesn't allow me to cut on fridays. they even snivel if i get there on thursday evening! i tried to explain that the lawn isn't going to grow much at all overnight.these people always pay on time and it's an easy cut so i would hate to lose them over an argument about this. any suggestions?thanx.
  2. thelawnguy

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    "these people always pay on time and it's an easy cut so i would hate to lose them over an argument about this."

    Its lose this one or some other customer who will have to be bumped to make room.

    I say, keep cutting when you have been, let the gripe go in one side of your head and out the other, they will probably stay on another month or two at least, if they cut loose so be it, another whiner thrown to the scrubs.
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    I agree. For the last couple of years since I got the shortcut, which knocked the yards out faster, I stoped mowing on fridays all together. I explain to customers to make it fair I simply do not mow on friday. Most respect that. I tell them if I mow them on friday then everyone else has to be mowed on friday and my schedule doesn't permit this. I tell them also that I leave friday open for extra work and incase there is a wash out from rain, fridays are for catch up. Try this approach. Hope it helps.
  4. jasonp

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    Bid on more commercial jobs and dont worry about it. The more commercial the less residential you have to have is the way I look at it.
  5. Premo Services

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    I also have moved all mowing from fridays to thursdays,and suprisingly no one has said anything to me,almost like they didn`t notice. Sometimes it is dine on friday,because of rain. Last year I had someone ask for a bid in an area that I am at on mondays,and he said monday is definetly not the pick day of the week huh? I told him that if he wanted me to drive back there on friday the charge would be 20.00 higher. He called me this year and said to do it on monday or tuesday. It will be done on mondays.
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  7. bob

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    This is why I have 75% commercial accounts. If you customer gives you the evil eye for showing up Thursday evening, chances are they will cry about every other job that you do for them. (hedges, fert.)
  8. Freetime

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    We do not specify a day Wednesday through Saturday is what residential customers usually want and we try to meet requests with low end getting early week and high gloss reserved for later in the week. Weather and work load are factors in scheduling to any certain day our customers know this from the get go and do not mind. When a good customer that pays on time does not whine about every little thing, requests Thursday/ Friday cut we try to fill the request. Good customers are gold and whiners are a dime a dozen if your people requesting Thursday/Friday are good to you be good to them.
  9. jasonp

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    I guess they just want it looking its best for the weekend so they can enjoy it i guess. It also could be they want the neighborhood looking good and you know most people cut on the weekends when they have the extra time.
  10. yardsmith

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    I tell people I can't possibly mow everyone on Friday; it goes by seniority- they love that.
    Nowadays I tell people Friday is reserved for commercial work only. I also tell them I route my customers according to geographic location; that way I can be efficient & keep my costs down. If they insist on Friday, then tell them it'll be extra to bring your equip. all the way across town.
    Bottom line-it's your biz, not theirs.If they want to take on some of your bills, then they can have special treatment.

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