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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DIGEM, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. DIGEM

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    i have a bobcat 773 skid loader. looking at a john deere 250 tell me watyou think?
  2. ksss

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    I don't own either brand but this is what I know. The JD skid steers by and large have been problematic. This from a Deere salesman whom is also a friend of mine. This salesman was selling Bobcat and Deere from the same store but Bobcat mandated a change and he went to selling strictly Deere products. He says once they get fully on line in their refurbished plant they will be making improvements. In case you weren't aware, Deere built a huge new plant to build those skid steers. It didn't work out and was shut down and sold. Manufacturing was moved to an existing plant elsewhere. Deere seems to be less money up front but they don't seem to hold value very well. I think there are way too many on the used market. I have a friend who owns a landscape company. He bought a 873 and a 270. The Deere couldn't stay out of the shop and his guys prefered to run the Bobcat. He traded the 270 last fall on a Deere 310 SG and took a licking. Beteen the Bobcat and Deere I would go Bobcat, but having all options open we buy CASE.
  3. Randy Scott

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    I have a 250 Deere and like it. Haven't had any problems with it at all and I'm pleased with it so far. My buddy was the highway superintendent for our village for about 2 years and last year they demoed five machines between all the workers and they all had their favorites, but they all agreed upon and liked the Deere the most. So they got the Deere and haven't had any problems so far.

    I think this discussion will go the way of the overused simile "Ford v.s. Chevy" debates. People are going to have different experiences with different brands. Personally, I was told how good New Holland was, yet Deere broke away from them because they would not bring their work up to standards or improve qualities. So who knows what the real answers or reasons are with products. I tell you, seems nowadays you can get 100 different answers or reasons about companies and never know who to believe.

    Honestly, I'd start shopping and base your decision more off the feeling or vibe you get from a salesman, than the actual manufacturer. Most machines built are pretty decent, and the service department and dealer will be more responsible for helping you than the brand of equipment. Just something to ponder on. :)
  4. General Grounds

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    :blob3: Digem, look into demoing a CAT, i own a 226 and the machine is great i own it 2 years now and dont know what i would do without it. ive never had a problem and the cat people go out of there way to make sure your happy, after i bought mine 6 friends of mine bought as well and everyone has no conplaints. another friend of mine has the 773 Turbo which is just about the same horse as mine, 54 and the bob i think is 57, and he's not thrilled, usues my machine ince and is now selling his bob, with 125 hours on it. i purchesd mine with the cab and heat, forks, bucket and additional 300lb weight kit for $24,700, since my purchase they now have A/C, and an auto bucket coupler from the seat. good luck Tony
  5. DIGEM

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    not sure right now . mine is 8 yrs old only 1 hose went bad and it still works .what about track loaders?

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