gotta love small towns

I have learned to simply answer back when they say something like that..."I maintain pristine landscapes, Sounds like you need a combine"

I am not looking for that type of work and if you talk to me before I have my coffee, well lets just say you may think I'm one of those orifices where the sun don't shine. lol

The best response I give, especially on women. "What made you decide to cut grass for a living?" or "What made you decide to go in the lawn business?" My response: "What alternative career could you recommend that would pay me $500.00 a day without having to spend $50k on a college degree?" Their response:"Well, what about the winter, when the grass isn't growing?" My response, "That's my favorite time of the year. The weather is cooler and I'm able to double my $50.00 / hour grass cutting rates to $100.00 an hour for tree work and winter storm clean-ups." This will have their head spinning every time. :hammerhead:

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